Medical device failures

Medical Information Provided By: Dr. Krista Kurtyan, M.D.
Legal Information Provided By: Hartley Hampton, J.D. and Christopher King, J.D.

Defective Medical Device Attorneys in Houston

Medical device manufacturers can be held financially liable for injuries and deaths that result from design flaws and failures of their products. At Hampton & King, our defective medical device attorneys work with design engineers, medical experts, and other professionals to expose design flaws and manufacturing defects that cause injuries to patients. We review patents, test results, previous complaints, and other data. We also consult medical economists in order to accurately quantify the cost of an injury or fatality to our client.

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Injures & Defective Medical Devices

Examples of defective medical devices involved in recent recalls and/or litigation:

  • Defective defibrillators
  • Defective heart valves
  • Defective intrathecal drug pumps
  • Defective pacemakers
  • Defective IV drips

Risks Posed by Guidant & Medtronic Defibrillators

In the case of Guidant’s Prizm AVT, Contak Renewal, Vitality AVT, Prizm 2 DR, and Renewal AVT, a wiring problem increased the risk of a short circuit in the device. When a short occurred, the implant’s wiring system would overload, compromising the ability of the defibrillator to safely regulate the heart’s rhythm. In the case of Medtronic, some defibrillators used the Sprint Fidelis® lead wire to connect the device to the heart. In hundreds of cases and in at least 5 deaths, the Sprint Fidelis® malfunctioned. While Medtronic has recalled the Sprint Fidelis®, they were used in over 260,000 implants.

Foreseeability & Medical Device Failures

When lives depend on a medical device, there is no room for error. Did the manufacturer foresee certain dangers? Were fail-safe and backup systems integrated into the design? If problems were detected during trial tests, were they adequately addressed by a manufacturer’s design engineers? At Hampton & King, we address these issues in order to expose a failure in a duty of care towards patients who rightfully assume a device is safe.

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