Diagnosis Mistakes

Medical Information Provided By: Dr. Krista Kurtyan, M.D.
Legal Information Provided By: Hartley Hampton, J.D. and Christopher King, J.D.

Are you the victim of a bad diagnosis?

A physician’s failure to diagnose an illness correctly can result in improper treatment. This can lead to serious complications and even death in extreme cases. If you or a loved one has suffered damages due to diagnosis mistakes or errors, you need to make sure your case undergoes extensive review by a legal professional you can trust. Our knowledgeable medical malpractice attorneys in Houston may discover that poor clinical judgment, a lab error, or inadequate staff communication played a role in a delay or failure to diagnose your condition.

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What Should I Expect in Diagnostic Error Case?

Attorneys Hartley Hampton and Chris King are two of Houston’s most recognized trial lawyers practicing medical malpractice litigation. With our established track record, we can take on even the most complex and difficult medical negligence cases. Hampton & King has handled a wide variety of medical malpractice claims resulting from doctors’ failure to diagnose.

“Failure to diagnose” cases are complex. A full investigation of the medical records and the treatment timeline is required to determine exactly when a prudent physician exercising reasonable care should have diagnosed a disease or referred the patient to a specialist.

This analysis requires more than just legal knowledge. It requires a network of professional medical consultants and investigators who know how to build a strong case. Our staff registered nurse is a Certified Practitioner in Healthcare Quality. Our team also includes the Medical Director, a certified doctor who leads a team of professional medical experts and helps prepare each case for trial. With our resources, experience, and proven legal expertise, you can be confident knowing we are the right choice for your case.

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