Mismanaged health conditions

Medical Information Provided By: Dr. Krista Kurtyan, M.D.
Legal Information Provided By: Hartley Hampton, J.D. and Christopher King, J.D.

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We rely on doctors and health care professionals to accurately diagnose and treat our illnesses and medical conditions. When a condition is misdiagnosed or mistreated, a patient’s condition may worsen and recovery may be more difficult or impossible. If you have been injured, if your condition has worsened, or if your condition was misdiagnosed due to medical negligence, you may be eligible for compensation. The law firm of Hampton & King represents victims of medical malpractice, helping to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages associated with the incident.

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Common Treatment Errors & Mismanagement Cases We Handle

Hampton & King represents clients throughout Texas dealing with a comprehensive range of mismanaged health conditions. We are backed by more than 60 years of collective experience and are prepared to help with your case.

For example, we handle cases involving the following:

Our firm is skilled at the investigation of medical malpractice cases. We work with medical experts to determine the cause of the illness or injury and what act or acts of negligence occurred. One of the most important things we do is investigate seemingly unavoidable situations and figure out their root cause. For example, air embolisms, spinal cord abscesses, esophageal perforation, and mesenteric ischemia are all conditions that can be caused by trauma, injury, or other patient-centered events. They are also known effects of medical malpractice. Our job is to understand where in your treatment you might have been treated negligently and how it affected your health.

Our team has investigated a wide variety of conditions, from seemingly benign to severe:

  • Laminectomy
  • Gastric bypass issues
  • Transfusion
  • Spinal fusion
  • Hernia mistakes
  • Tonsillectomy mistakes

From beginning to end, your case will be handled by both an attorney and a full-time medical professional on staff. Based on our medical team’s expertise, we develop the strategy that will push your claim forward. Together, your team will develop your case effectively and thoroughly, giving it the strongest possible chance for victory.

Anesthesia Malpractice Cases

Managing health conditions means administering safe amounts of anesthesia or sedatives to patients. When nurses and doctors fail to administer correctly, they leave patients vulnerable to hypoxemia, lung collapse, brain damage, paralysis, coma, or death. Anesthesia mistakes occur relatively rarely (7 per 1,000,000 procedures), but the mistakes are costly for patient health and peace of mind.

Anesthesia malpractice cases include:

  • Misintubation or inadvertent intubation – In some cases, doctors insert breathing tubes into the esophagus rather than the respiratory system. This leaves the lungs and brain without oxygen for long periods, potentially leading to brain damage.
  • Right Mainstem Bronchus Intubation – Similar to the above mistake, this event is when a medical provider places the breathing tube in a bronchus instead of the trachea. This results in air only going to 1 lung, collapsing the other.
  • Laryngeal Mask Airway Misplacement – Laryngeal masks are devices used to keep the airway open while patients are under sedation. Mild sedation is usually required to facilitate insertion of the device into the throat.
  • Anesthesia Overdose – Propofol overdose or midazolam overdose (Versed if taken orally) can cause severe drowsiness and lead to respiratory issues and coma.
  • Benzodiazepine or Xanax toxicitySimilar to excessive administering of anesthesia, medical providers can lead their patients to take too much Xanax (aka alprazolam) at a time. While relatively safer than anesthesia, Xanax toxicity can have serious side effects in high volumes.

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