Pursuing justice after wrongful death.

Wrongful Death or Medical Malpractice: Which Claim to Pursue?

No pain can compare to the loss of a loved one. However, a medical malpractice death adds an additional layer of complexity. You suspect you have the right to sue, but what kind of claim can you file? Wrongful death or medical malpractice? Or perhaps both? Here’s a quick guide to these important legal claims.…
Mother holds her baby close after dangerous birth complications.

What Are the Most Dangerous Childbirth Complications?

Every great adventure in life comes with risks–including childbirth. That’s what Erica Berg took away from her encounter with one of the most dangerous childbirth complications to exist. Erica experienced uterine rupture, a life-threatening delivery complication.  Thankfully, both Erica and her baby escaped unscathed from the ordeal. But some mothers and babies aren’t so lucky.…
The pain of an epidural gone wrong.

Epidural Gone Wrong: When Pain Relief Takes a Painful Turn

Epidurals offer the promise of a less painful, more manageable labor experience. But an epidural gone wrong can have the opposite outcome. How is an epidural supposed to work? What happens when it doesn’t work, or a doctor administers it the wrong way? Stay with us for the answers to those questions and more. What…
Moving forward with birth injury lawsuit.

How Do I File a Birth Injury Claim?

Filing a birth injury claim is a complex legal process. It’s much like navigating a maze while wearing a blindfold. Sure, childbirth injury settlements are often in the millions of dollars. But the road to obtaining them is paved with potholes—and traps set by insurance companies who will do anything to avoid a payout.  What…
Surgeons fails to apologize for medical malpractice mistake.

What Do Surgeons Say When They Mess Up?

“I’m sorry.” Those two words, when said sincerely, mean the world to patients whose lives have been turned upside down by surgical malpractice. But they’re seldom heard in hospitals. Rather, many surgeons and hospitals tend to take the approach of denying wrongdoing at all costs. But denying any liability can actually cost them more. Stay with…
Doctors explains to mother that her child has cerebral palsy.

Early Signs of Cerebral Palsy: At What Age is CP Diagnosed?

Finding out that “something” is wrong with your baby can be soul-crushing. But giving that “something” a name may revive your hope because it means your baby can get proper treatment.  Have you ever thought your baby’s symptoms might actually be early signs of cerebral palsy? Or maybe doctors have mentioned it as a possible…