Patient suffers because of medical negligence.

Can I Sue For Medical Negligence?

You put your life and health in a doctor’s or hospital’s hands. But they let you down. You’re not heading down the road to healing like you thought you would be by now. Instead, you find yourself limping down a twisted path of new injuries and medical bills. And it’s all because of the medical…
Newborn with kernicterus symptoms.

Brain Damage From Jaundice

Jaundice is one of the most common conditions in newborn babies. How common exactly? About 3 in 5 babies are born with some form of jaundice. That’s why we’ve come to look at jaundice as something completely normal. Something that will usually go away on its own or with just the mildest form of intervention.…
Woman cries because of C-section injuries.

Filing A C-Section Lawsuit

C-sections are some of the most common surgeries performed worldwide. However, they’re still major surgeries. Not only that, but they come with the responsibility of caring for a newborn immediately after. Recovering from a C-section can be difficult enough. Add to the mix other possible complications due to a doctor’s negligence and you’ve got a…
Victim of heart stent error.

What Warrants A Heart Stent Lawsuit?

A Kansas cardiologist implanted “medically unnecessary and unreasonable” heart stents in at least 14 patients. The cardiologist filed fraudulent claims to several health programs to cover those stent procedures. He received over $10,000 in reimbursement for each stent. If there was ever a reason to file a heart stent lawsuit, this is one of them.…
Baby with Chorioamnionitis complications.

Filing A Chorioamnionitis Lawsuit

What would warrant a chorioamnionitis lawsuit? Here’s a real life example: A Minnesota couple became parents to a baby boy after a complicated, mismanaged birth experience. The mother had previously delivered a baby via c-section, but his time around, she wanted a VBAC (Vaginal birth after C-section).. She was induced by Pitocin. But shortly after…
Eight medical malpractice examples.

Malpractice Examples: Most Common Doctor Mistakes

In the United States, medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death. Shocking, right? No one goes to the hospital thinking a doctor’s going to harm them. After all, doctors pledge to help, not harm. But everyone has to seek medical care at some point or another. So it’s good to be aware of…