Asking medical malpractice lawyer questions.

Medical Malpractice Questions: What To Ask An Attorney

It’s a road you never imagined you’d walk. Your doctor failed you. Their negligence cost you your health and livelihood. Now you’re gearing up to meet with an attorney. But what should you bring to your first consultation? What medical malpractice questions should you ask?  Since malpractice cases are complex, you need an experienced lawyer…
Newborn experienced brain bleed during birth.

Is Your Baby A Victim Of A Newborn Brain Bleed?

“I would know if my baby had an injury during childbirth. My baby wasn’t premature, is a newborn brain bleed even possible?” These are the type of questions parents may ask themselves when faced with a scary diagnosis. And the truth is, it can sometimes be difficult to diagnose a newborn brain bleed. The symptoms…
An awry surgery can lead to a knee replacement infection lawsuit.

Should You File A Knee Replacement Infection Lawsuit?

No one wants to have any part of their body replaced. Sometimes, our bodies break down with age, and a joint replacement becomes inevitable. Knee replacement surgeries are among the most common. But did you know they can also lead to knee replacement infection lawsuits? A knee replacement surgery is also a total knee arthroplasty…
A baby with a head injury.

Infant Skull Fractures: Can You Sue?

Full term babies are on the cusp of joining the world outside the womb. But there’s one more journey they must take before they can reach it: birth. An infant’s skull is made for the birth process. Soft and flexible, it enables the head to pass through the birth canal. But this flexibility also puts…
Baby with a longer hospital stay due to late decelerations

Doctors Ignored Late Decelerations – Can You Sue?

At around 8 weeks of pregnancy, parents can hear their baby’s heartbeat for the first time. At each checkup, they’ll smile each time they hear that tiny thump–thump–thump. It’s a sign of life. A baby’s way of saying “all’s well in here!” But during birth, some babies exhibit a worrisome heartbeat change called late decelerations.…
Patient receives therapy for prostate cancer misdiagnosis.

Prostate Cancer Misdiagnosis? What To Do About It

What’s the most common type of cancer in the United States? Prostate cancer. The good news is that the survival rate is pretty good. Except when doctors don’t detect it early, or misdiagnose it for something else. Prostate cancer misdiagnosis is the roadblock that keeps many patients from receiving timely, life-saving treatment.  Misdiagnosis of disease…