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Medical Information Provided By: Dr. Krista Kurtyan, M.D.
Legal Information Provided By: Hartley Hampton, J.D. and Christopher King, J.D.

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The U.S. has one of the highest standards for obstetrical care in the world, yet labor and delivery remain amongst the most medically dangerous times for a woman. Even seemingly small missteps can threaten the lives of both mother and baby. When physicians fail to meet the standard of care, and babies or mothers are injured as a result, our Houston birth injury attorneys at Hampton & King are prepared to fight for justice.

We have handled a broad range of birth injury and medical malpractice cases and have developed the ability to identify the factors and root causes involved in these cases. When you entrust your case to our firm, we carry the legal burden for you. You can rest easier knowing we are backed by the following:

  • We have a proven track record and have recovered hundreds of millions for our clients
  • We have a combined 60 years of experience handling a variety of medical negligence cases
  • We are backed by a fulltime physician and a doctorate degree nurse practitioner
  • We have been recognized by our peers as leaders in birth injury and medical negligence litigation

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Causes of Birth Injuries

Physicians must respond appropriately to high-risk pregnancies and other complications during delivery. However, when they fail to do so, they allow for the possibility of the following, which are all events that could contribute to permanent injury, disability, or death.

Mishandled Pregnancy Complications

Some pregnancies are inherently high-risk while other complications do not manifest themselves until labor or delivery. If complications are not handled properly, they can lead to serious and permanent injuries to mother or child. Below are some common pregnancy complications.

What Conditions Can Be Caused by Birth Injuries?

When a child is injured during labor or delivery, it could lead to permanent disability or disfigurement. Some conditions that could arise because of a birth injury include:

Who is Sued in a Birth Injury Lawsuit?

If you or your child was injured during the childbirth process, your physician could be held accountable. We may be able to file malpractice claims against the following:

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Our Houston birth injury attorneys have more than half a century of combined experience to inform every case we handle. This means that we not only understand the law as it currently stands, but we understand its development as well. With that unique insight, we are able to provide representation that is rooted by the most recent developments in both the law and medical technology. It is just one more way we can help you.

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