Medical Malpractice

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I Signed A Medical Consent Form. Can I Still Sue?

Ever wonder if those pesky medical forms you sign before surgery hold up in court? You’re not alone.  Let’s say you recently underwent a medical procedure that didn’t go as planned. Before the operation, you vaguely remember someone asking you to sign something.

Why the U.S. Is Such A Dangerous Place To Give Birth

This might surprise you, but our great nation isn’t so great at keeping mothers and infants safe while giving birth. Take a look at these facts: ► More than 50,000 U.S. women suffer injuries each year while bringing their children into the world.  ► Almost 700 die during or shortly after delivery. (US Centers for Disease…
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Central Pontine Myelinolysis: Symptoms & Cause

We know receiving a scary medical diagnosis can be hard. With a name like central pontine myelinolysis (CPM for short) it’s easy to take one glance at the name and feel overwhelmed, but hang in there with us. We’re going to simplify things as best as we can and break it down point by point. We’ll explain what…
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How To File A Claim Against The Military For Medical Malpractice

A few hours after becoming a father to a healthy baby girl, Walter Daniel became a widower. His 33-year-old wife, U.S. Navy Lt. Rebekah Daniel, bled to death at Naval Hospital Bremerton in Washington. She never had the chance to hold her precious daughter. How did a low-risk pregnancy involving a healthy young woman end…
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How To Prepare For Your Meeting With A Malpractice Lawyer

Life is a journey. With each stage of our lives, we’re faced with new situations we haven’t learned how to navigate. When you find yourself in the middle of a legal situation, it can feel a bit scary. You probably know contacting a lawyer is a good idea, but what about the rest?
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Afraid To Sue Your Doctor For Malpractice? Don’t Be.

If you believe you’ve been mistreated by your doctor, you might ask yourself “can I sue my doctor for malpractice? Do I have a case? And if I do, how do I go about it?” Today we’re talking about bringing a doctor to court, and getting compensation for malpractice. We’ll cover: What you can sue them…