Medical Malpractice

Seeking help from a medical malpractice attorney.

Lawyers Specializing in Medical Malpractice 

When your health fails you, you turn to doctors for help. But when doctors fail you, who can you turn to? Look for lawyers specializing in medical malpractice—they’re the kind of attorneys who can help you obtain compensation when you’re injured from a medical mistake.  In 2016, researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine said medical errors…
Man in hospital for CPM injury.

Can I File a Central Pontine Myelinolysis Lawsuit?

A prolonged bout of vomiting. Consuming too much alcohol. Running for miles without proper hydration. What do these circumstances have in common? All of them are reasons why someone’s blood sodium levels might sink like a torpedoed ship. The “fix” for low sodium levels is to raise them back up with an intravenous saline solution…
A detailed view of various surgical instruments neatly arranged on a table.

What Are the Most Common Surgical Errors?

Imagine waking up from surgery, happy to have a repaired hip—only to find out your surgeon operated on the wrong side. It’s unthinkable, and it almost seems almost impossible. But surgical errors like that happen to thousands of people each year. At least 4,000 in the U.S. each year, to be exact.  Shocking mistakes, like…
Young man whose life has been altered due to negligent sodium adjustment.

Negligent Sodium Adjustment: Should You Sue?

When sodium levels in the blood get too low, it’s crucial to get them back up so our bodies can function properly. However, negligent sodium adjustment, such as raising sodium levels too quickly, can damage the brain.  So, like adding just the right amount of seasoning to a recipe, doctors have to get sodium levels…
Empty interior hallway in a hospital.

When Your Hospital Fails You, Hospital Negligence Lawyers Can Help

What you never expected to happen has happened: you’ve been harmed by the hospital that was supposed to help you. Unsurprisingly, the hospital refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing. So who will advocate on your behalf to make things right? Hospital negligence lawyers—they’re the type of attorney you should call for this type of case. Defending…
Surgeons fails to apologize for medical malpractice mistake.

What Do Surgeons Say When They Mess Up?

“I’m sorry.” Those two words, when said sincerely, mean the world to patients whose lives have been turned upside down by surgical malpractice. But they’re seldom heard in hospitals. Rather, many surgeons and hospitals tend to take the approach of denying wrongdoing at all costs. But denying any liability can actually cost them more. Stay with…