Should I Contact A Cerebral Palsy Lawyer?

If your baby is the victim of a birth injury you’re probably wondering what you should do and how much this may cost you.

The good news is there are lawyers out there that specialize in birth injury law and that work on a contingency fee basis!

Hiring a high specialized CP lawyer may be the smartest move you can make. In this post we’ll discuss what a cerebral palsy lawyer can do for you and why it’s important to have them in your corner. Keep reading to learn more.

Reasons To Hire A CP Lawyer

If your child is the victim of a medical error you should consider filing a lawsuit. Children with cerebral palsy often need extensive care and bills can quickly stack up. Enlisting the help of a cerebral palsy lawyer can give you access to the following benefits:

Fast-tracking your lawsuit

Cerebral palsy lawsuits aren’t for the faint of heart. They involve tons of paperwork, scrounging for evidence, and unending back-and-forth communication. You’re also expected to meet every deadline, otherwise you’ll run the risk of losing your case. Forget how glamorous Suits or Law & Order makes things look. There’s nothing fancy about wading through legal briefs. 

So what’s the alternative? 

Hire a cerebral palsy attorney to handle the nitty gritty details. They’ll take care of the entire legal process from start to finish and get you 10 steps closer to a settlement or court ruling. 

Communication with insurance companies 

Oftentimes when you sue your doctor for medical malpractice, you’re actually going against a malpractice insurance company. So what do insurance companies and Gollum have in common? They both hate losing what’s “precious” to them. And for insurance companies that’s millions and millions of dollars in settlements. In hopes of saving themselves a giant wad of cash they’ll sometimes use sleazy tactics.

Trickery won’t work with a skilled cerebral palsy attorney. They’ll know what sly maneuvers to watch out for and have your back throughout the process. 

Negotiating the maximum settlement 

Hospitals and insurance companies are notorious for offering low-ball offers to unsuspecting parties. Your cerebral palsy lawyer and their team will do the wrangling, so you don’t have to. They’ll fight on your family’s behalf and ensure you get the compensation your deserve.

A little girl with cerebral palsy sits in her wheelchair.

What To Look For In A Cerebral Palsy Attorney

If you’ve decided that hiring a cerebral palsy lawyer is the right move, then your next task is figuring out which firm to partner with. But how do you start your search? Is there certain criteria to look for in a lawyer? Or are all cerebral palsy lawyers the same?

To that last question, we answer with a resounding ‘NO’. 

Not all cerebral palsy lawyers are the same. So how do you distinguish the good ones from the bad ones? Or even the decent ones from the great ones? Here are some traits to look out for. 


When it comes to lawsuits of this nature, experience is key. Is your lawyer fresh out of college or have they been around the block a time or two? Or better yet, for decades. An experienced lawyer knows the process and how to navigate it. When you’re going up against large institutions, it’s vital to have only the best lawyer on your side. 


We recommend finding a cerebral palsy lawyer you’re comfortable with. Someone that listens to your concerns and genuinely cares about your situation. When you’re comfortable with your lawyer, it makes everything easier! 


If you’ve tried reaching out to a lawyer and they don’t answer your calls, that’s a major red flag. If you notice this from the get-go, chances are it’ll only get worse from there. The last thing you want is to feel lost or confused about your case. It’s your lawyer’s duty to keep you up-to-date with the happenings of your lawsuit. 

A medical malpractice attorney sits at his desk with the scales of justice propped in front of his hands.

Contact A Medical Malpractice Lawyer Today

We understand that providing your children with the best resources is  important to you. We also acknowledge that selecting a cerebral palsy attorney can be intimidating. That’s why we start with a no pressure consultation. Should our firm represent you and your family, we promise to: 

► Regard the attorney-client relationship as a sacred trust

► Commit to providing ethical, state-of-the-art representation

► Dedicate the resources required to win

► And of course, only be paid if we succeed

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