Baby with childbirth injury.

Filing a Birth Injury Claim: The Basics

Your baby’s birth injury has turned your world upside down. A thousand questions flood your brain. Now you’re considering pursuing a birth injury claim. But where do you begin? As leaders in birth injury litigation, we know this process can be overwhelming. So let’s dive into the basics of birth injury claims. What is a…

Anesthesia Malpractice – Are You A Victim?

Surgeries. They happen every day. All over the world. Heart surgeries. Brain surgeries. Hip surgeries. Eye surgeries. Surgeries to bring life into the world. Surgeries to remove a kidney. And where there’s surgery, there’s anesthesia. While the possible dangerous outcomes of surgery is a real fear of many people, anesthesia malpractice may not cross their…
Doctor holds baby with birth injury.

Brachial Plexus Birth Injury

“Your child has a brachial plexus birth injury.” That’s not what you were hoping to hear at your baby’s checkup appointment. But it’s your new reality. So many questions swirl through your mind. How did this happen? Did someone injure my baby during delivery? And most importantly, will my baby recover from this? At Hampton…
A baby with a head injury.

Infant Skull Fractures: Can You Sue?

A hidden threat to newborns, infant skull fractures often go unnoticed to doctors and untreated. Sometimes, even the best doctors make mistakes. These fractures in a baby’s delicate skull are caused by the physical force of labor and delivery. Some of these fractures heal quickly and with little consequence. Others have very serious, sometimes permanent…
A page of a dictionary says the definition of what a medical lawsuit means.

Medical Lawsuits – Three Examples Of Malpractice & Answers To Common Questions

In this post, we’ll take a deep dive into medical lawsuits, from central pontine myelinolysis lawsuit examples to famous medical malpractice cases, to average settlements. Some people see medical lawsuits as an opportunity for someone greedy to get their hands on a wad of cash. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! Victims of medical…
A newborn baby with dark brown hair looks at the camera.

Your Helpful Guide To Birth Injury Lawsuits

No family should have to go through the experience of navigating a birth injury. It can be a really difficult and trying time and unfortunately, the impact on your family can be long-lasting. Your child could suffer a long-term issue that leaves you struggling with medical bills, and wondering who’s at fault.