Medical Malpractice

Hospital room with wheelchair.

Should I Contact A Defective Medical Device Attorney?

We’ve come a long way since the days of blood-letting leeches and arsenic as an antidote. Modern medicine makes great use of modern technology: We have x-ray and MRI machines that give us a glimpse of what’s going on inside our bodies. We have robots that can perform complicated surgeries. Amazingly, there are even permanent…
Woman abandoned by doctor.

Patient Abandonment: A Form Of Medical Malpractice

Patient abandonment can be hard to spot sometimes. In 2003, a patient at the Obstetrics Clinic of the University Of Michigan became pregnant after suffering a miscarriage. She was scheduled for a cerclage. But when her doctor learned she had filed a lawsuit against another doctor at the office (for her first miscarriage)? He decided…
Gavel with a stethoscope.

Medical Lawyers | What They Do & How They Can Help

What Do Medical Lawyers Do? Medical lawyers are attorneys who have become experts in medical law. They understand the standard of care doctors must uphold, and better than other attorneys. And most importantly, they know how to prove negligence and win cases. That’s what good medical lawyers do – they help people get compensated in…
Woman getting vision exam.

Lasik Lawsuit | When A Dream Surgery Becomes A Nightmare

Do you have a Lasik lawsuit on your hands? A quick internet search will show you how Lasik is widely considered to be a safe, low-risk surgery. But what happens when the Lasik surgery goes wrong? You may have grounds for a lawsuit.  On May 31, 2007, a Lasik recipient filed a medical malpractice case…
Woman with blood clot in leg.

How & Why To Pursue A Blood Clot Lawsuit

Need to know how and why to pursue a blood clot lawsuit? Read on! Blood clots are jelly-like masses of protein, platelets, and blood cells. In many situations, they can be lifesaving as they form to prevent excessive bleeding. But what happens if they form unnecessarily? The consequences can be very serious, and sometimes even…
Harm from robotic surgery.

Da Vinci Robot Lawsuit | Medical Innovation Gone Wrong

Ever heard of the da Vinci robot and the lawsuits surrounding it? It may not sound like the name of a medical device, but it is. Teresa Hershey of Palm Springs, California needed a hysterectomy. She was offered an innovative treatment instead of a traditional surgery. Persuaded, in fact. Her doctor recommended a robot perform…