Medical Malpractice

Woman experiences severe symptoms from ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic Pregnancy Malpractice Cases Can Be Fatal

While most pregnancies in the US result in healthy babies, there are unfortunately exceptions. Some women will face complications during pregnancy. Sometimes, shortly after conception. An ectopic pregnancy is a condition that takes place in the beginning of a pregnancy. That’s where a doctor’s prompt and adequate care comes in. Treating an ectopic pregnancy in…
Patient with her hand held to her head in pain.

Can I Sue For Medical Negligence?

It’s a loaded question. To prove negligence, you’ll need medical records, perhaps testimonies, evidence of the negligence and your injury. But we’ll get to that soon. Let’s start at the beginning. You put your life and health in a doctor’s or hospital’s hands. And they let you down. You’re not heading down the road to…
Eight medical malpractice examples.

Malpractice Examples: Most Common Doctor Mistakes

In the United States, medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death. Shocking, right? No one goes to the hospital thinking a doctor’s going to harm them. After all, doctors pledge to help, not harm. But everyone has to seek medical care at some point or another. So it’s good to be aware of…
Hiring hospital negligence lawyers.

How To Hire Hospital Negligence Lawyers

No one heads to a hospital expecting to be injured while there. On the contrary–you expect medical staff to heal and not harm you. But hospitals do sometimes harm patients. In fact, 250,000 negligent hospital deaths occur every year, according to a Johns Hopkins study. The good news? If a hospital makes a mistake in…
Proving medical malpractice with medical records & a lawyer.

Proving Medical Malpractice & Pursuing Compensation

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing justice served. Especially when you or your family are the ones who’ve suffered at the hands of negligent doctors. But proving medical malpractice is like trying to run a marathon. You can’t lace up your shoes and hit the ground running without some careful preparation.  In this article, we’ll…
Little boy being seen by pediatrician.

Pediatric Malpractice Is A Devastating Reality

Many parents do extensive research before picking the right pediatrician for their child. After all, the health of their children is at stake. When we think of doctors, especially pediatricians, most believe they’ll always provide great care. Without avoidable mistakes, without negligence, and without any harmful consequences. Unfortunately, not all families receive the standard care…