Medical Malpractice

Gurney in a hospital hallway

How to Determine If You Have a Valid Case

  Many individuals are victim to medical malpractice or birth injuries, but they never do anything about it because they are not sure of what to do it or how to do it. They simply don’t know that they have legal options and they may have a case against the negligent party. Before you dismiss…
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What to Look for In Your Houston Medical Malpractice Lawyer

  Imagine this: You go to the doctor and expect to receive the care you deserve to get better from any injury or condition you may have. When things go wrong, though, and the medical professional causes more harm than good, the patient may need to seek legal representation in order to seek justice for…
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Understanding Medication Errors

  While many of the medical malpractice cases derive from direct physical actions at the hands of a medical professional, medication errors are a real problem that is experienced by thousands of Americans each year. Unfortunately, this type of error can cause serious problems that can cause harm to any patient who is at risk.…
Doctor discussing things with a woman

Common Reasons Doctors Make Diagnosis Mistakes

  One of the errors that can be made by a doctor when treating a patient is a diagnosis mistake. This is a serious problem as patients are expecting their medical professional to inform them of their illness or condition. Patients go into hospitals when they are hurt or dealing with a condition. If they…
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Types of Medication Mistakes

  According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), between the years 1993 to 1998, most fatal medication errors are related to the wrong prescribed dosage. The FDA also estimates that about 1.3 million people per year are affected by medication errors, leading to either injury or death. This mistake can occur anywhere within…
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Complications of Hyponatremia

  Hyponatremia is the name for abnormally low sodium levels in the blood. A number of underlying conditions in the human body can result in the sodium becoming diluted, increasing the water in the body and thereby causing cells to begin to swell. Problems with varying severity can result because of hyponatremia. It’s important to…