Birth Injuries

Cooling blanket used for newborn.

Cooling Blankets For Newborns

For some babies, the use of a cooling blanket is the chance for a better life. Unfortunately some infants can develop severe oxygen deficiency during the birthing process. This can lead to serious, lifelong disabilities. For some babies, oxygen deprivation during birth can have even more unfortunate results. Recent studies show cooling therapy can help…
Baby in NICU for brain injury.

NICU Cooling For Baby’s Deprived Of Oxygen

Modern medical advancements have significantly reduced neonatal injuries. Even the latest technology and top tier hospitals, however, are not fool-proof. Lack of oxygen and subsequent birth injuries do still occur. This lack of oxygen is known as hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy (HIE). Oxygen deprivation during birth can lead to disastrous outcomes including cerebral palsy, cognitive disability, and…
Woman experiencing abdominal pain.

Postpartum Hemorrhage

When it comes to having a child, a lot of care is focused on pregnancy and delivery. The doctor and mother prioritize prenatal care to ensure the baby gets earthside with little to no complications. Prenatal care is very important – but so is postnatal. There are many issues that can arise after labor and…
Mother holds pregnant belly.

Texas Maternal Mortality Rate: An Alarming New Report

The death of just one mother during pregnancy or childbirth is one too many. But advances in medicine help prevent this from happening. So shouldn’t the Texas maternal mortality rate be in decline?  A new report shows that the opposite is happening. Texas mothers are losing their lives at alarming rates. The top causes of…
Baby in NICU with birth injury.

Prolapsed Cord: A Serious Birth Emergency

The moment has finally arrived. After many hours of strenuous labor, the mother delivers her child. After that, the umbilical cord exits her body as well. That’s the correct order for delivery…but what happens if the cord comes out first? That’s an obstetrical emergency known as a prolapsed cord. Cord prolapse is somewhat rare. But…
Mother holds baby immediately after birth.

Birth Injury Settlements: When, Why, & How Much?

It’s all about the money! That’s the top priority for insurance companies representing doctors in birth injury lawsuits. They’ll do anything to avoid paying out birth injury settlements. But for parents, their baby’s health and wellbeing is the priority, not money. However, monetary compensation is what they need and deserve to give their baby a…