Birth Injuries

Different types of birth injuries

Types Of Birth Injuries

Unfortunately, one of the most joyous life events can turn tragic when a birth injury occurs. Complications can occur at any time during pregnancy and can sometimes lead to different types of birth injuries. Early interventions combined with today’s medical advancements are very important and can help resolve many complications. But when medical accidents occur…
A tool associated with forceps birth injury.

Forceps Birth Injury – Is Your Baby A Victim?

Forceps are a tool used by OB/GYNs during the birthing process. They’re made to grip the head of an infant to help move them through the birth canal. Forceps are an intervention used when childbirth isn’t going as planned or the doctor needs extra assistance to safely remove the baby. So, if everything is going…
Baby boy who is victim of a botched cicumcision holds mother's hand.

Botched Circumcision – When Negligence Is Involved

Circumcision has always been a common procedure in the United States. According to worldwide statistics, more than 50% of male children undergo circumcision. And these numbers are even higher in the U.S. Although you might expect surgeons to perform circumcision without any complications, sometimes things go wrong. While many families across the United States opt…
Mother upset over her baby's birth injury.

Shoulder Dystocia Complications & Its Long Term Effects

Birth injuries are never easy to talk about. And going through one with your own child is even more difficult. Soon-to-be-mothers spend 9 months going through a wide variety of emotions. While many do worry about the what-ifs, they try to remain optimistic. But sometimes, things can go a little unexpected in the labor and…
Baby with brain injury receives care.

Signs Of Brain Damage In Babies & Malpractice

Signs of Brain Damage in a Baby & What to do About it Brain damage because of negligence is appalling to begin with. But when that damage happens to an innocent newborn, it can be especially hard to bear. August 2018 was a devastating time for the Kromphardt family, for that reason exactly. Baby Kromphardt…
Baby with Erb's Palsy injury.

Erb’s Palsy Lawsuit | Mother Awarded $12.9

$12.9 million dollars. That’s what a jury awarded Libby Bryson after she filed an Erb’s palsy lawsuit. The Michigan woman’s baby was diagnosed with Erb’s palsy after her doctors made a series of disastrous mistakes. During labor on January 1, 2008, Bryson’s daughter became stuck in the birth canal. Her shoulder was caught behind Bryson’s…