Medical Malpractice

Stethoscopes lying next to a baby's arm

Abnormal Fetal Presentations

  The position of the baby in the uterus is referred to as its “presentation.” It is important that obstetricians or midwives monitor the baby’s presentation as pregnancy approaches term to determine whether it is in the correct position for vaginal delivery, or whether other measures should be taken.
Image of neural activity in the brain

What is Hypoxic Brain Injury?

  The brain requires approximately 20% of the body’s oxygen intake to function properly. Hypoxia occurs when the brain does not receive enough oxygen. The low levels of oxygen limits brain activity, interrupting neurotransmitters and electrochemical impulses. This can seriously affect the rest of the body. Brain cells can die within five minutes. If not…

Determining the Accepted Standard of Care

  The Accepted Standard of Care for Doctors In Texas, jurors are given the following definition of negligence: “Negligence,” when used with respect to the conduct of Dr. Davis, means failure to use ordinary care, that, failing to do that which a physician of ordinary prudence would have done under the same or similar circumstances…

Medical Malpractice Facts and Fiction

The Institute of Medicine estimates that, on average, 98,000 people die because of medical errors, while extensive amounts of people are injured because of it. Under U.S. laws, those injured or killed because of inaction or negligence can file for compensation. However, recent studies show that while the number of medical malpractice suits are going down,…
Brain x-rays on laptop screen with a stethoscope lying across the keyboard

What are the Most Commonly Misdiagnosed Conditions?

When we visit the doctor’s office, we expect them to know what our conditions represent. If we experience a lump in our body parts, have a rash on our skin, or feel a strange soreness in our joints, the doctors are responsible for taking the time to understand the symptoms and properly diagnose them. Unfortunately,…
Hospital directory sign depicting directions for Emergency, main entrance and secondary entrances

How to Differentiate Between Adverse Events and Malpractice

Undergoing any major medical procedure can be intimidating. There are inherent risks with some surgeries or treatments that doctors cannot eliminate. They will still recommend the procedures if they believe it is the only solution. Similarly, taking pharmaceutical drugs can also have side effects that are not pleasant. Many individuals believe that because they endured…