What to Look for In Your Houston Medical Malpractice Lawyer


Gavel and stethoscope next to pink pills on wooden table.Imagine this: You go to the doctor and expect to receive the care you deserve
to get better from any injury or condition you may have. When things go
wrong, though, and the medical professional causes more harm than good,
the patient may need to seek legal representation in order to seek justice
for the wrongs that have been experienced. Before you hire a Houston medical
malpractice attorney, know what you should consider to make a decision.


Medical malpractice claims are very complex, making it important to have
someone on your side who has experience in these types of cases. Some
lawyers focus on many practice areas. Having someone who is dedicated
to these cases means you know they have handled similar cases before and
knows what is needed to be successful.

Contingency Fees

Let’s face it, nobody ever expects to be harmed by their doctor.
When they are hurt, though, it can be an expensive process. By finding
a lawyer who works on a contingency fee basis, you can get the representation
you deserve without having to worry about paying the fees until you win
your case. If you don’t win, you don’t owe anything.


Communication is often the key to having a very good chance at a successful
case. Communication is the cornerstone to a strong client-attorney relationship,
which includes the ability to discuss the case freely and bring up any
potential evidence that can help the injured victim have peace of mind.
You deserve to have confidence in your attorney and knowing what to expect
can keep that confidence high.


You obviously want to have a strong lawyer on your side, but you also want
to have the strong support staff that can help you get success. You may
want to look for a firm that has nurses who can help prove that the medical
professional was negligent. The extra staff can be the difference in a
successful case and walking away with nothing.

At Hampton & King, we have everything you need to seek justices against
the negligent medical professional. Our
Houston medical malpractice lawyers do whatever it takes to prove that our clients deserve maximum compensation
for the damages they have sustained.

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