Understanding Medication Errors


Orange prescription pill bottle laying on variety of pills.While many of the medical malpractice cases derive from direct physical
actions at the hands of a medical professional, medication errors are
a real problem that is experienced by thousands of Americans each year.
Unfortunately, this type of error can cause serious problems that can
cause harm to any patient who is at risk. Medication errors range and
it’s important for individuals to understand what can go wrong.

Types of Medication Errors

Medication errors can occur in a variety of forms, including overdose,
the use of illegal prescriptions, and inadequate monitoring. This can
also include failure to recognize allergic reactions, incorrectly filling
prescriptions, and mistakes made during preparation.

How they Happen

There are a number of ways that a medication error can occur such as a
miscommunication between the doctor and the pharmacy or the doctor not
knowing the correct diagnosis. The doctor may prescribe the wrong dosage
which could lead to overdose. An often overlooked cause of a medication
error is the doctor overlooking potential interactions of the drug and
how they react to other drugs or alcohol. If the patient is not informed
of dangerous interactions, they can be seriously harmed.

Potential Harm Caused By Medication Errors

Medication errors can result in various damages depending on the type of
error. For instance, failure to recognize allergies to a certain medication
can cause a strong allergic reaction, which has the power to cause life-threatening
problems. Stevens-Johnson syndrome, toxic epidermal necrolysis syndrome
(TEN), and coagulation problems can also occur, all of which can be harmful
and result in long-term physical problems.

At Hampton & King, we know how medication errors occur and how they
can affect a patient in the long run. Our goal is to hold negligent doctors
accountable when their mistakes cause harm and our
Houston medication error lawyers will work hard to protect your rights. You deserve compensation when you
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