Woman Sues Doctors, Hospital Over Son’s Hypoxic Brain Injury


Many expecting mothers in Texas are on some sort of prescription medication.
The Centers for Disease Control note that about two-thirds of pregnant
women take a prescription medication during their pregnancy. Doctors have
a responsibility to ensure the medications they prescribe are appropriate
for each patient, especially when it comes to pregnant women. For their
part, patients are generally encouraged by both doctors and pharmacists
to communicate with their healthcare provider regarding their complete
list of medications.

Earlier this June, a woman filed suit over the brain injury suffered by
one of her twins. The mother claimed that her doctors failed to intubate
her infant in a timely manner, leading to the boy’s insufficient oxygen.
The suit notes the boy suffered a hypoxic brain injury and as a result,
he has also suffered disability and disfigurement, pain and suffering
and the loss of enjoyment of a normal life. The lawsuit also mentions
that the boy will have a decreased earning capacity and an inability to
obtain an adequate education.

brain injuries, especially those experienced at such a young age, can produce all of
the above devastating effects, amongst many others. Just one physician
error, such as an
intubation that occurs too late, can wreak havoc on an infant’s health and throw
a family into financial and emotional upheaval.

In this case, the woman is also suing because her doctors did not take
her off Zoloft. Zoloft is an antidepressant which falls into Class C of
medications, which means that in studies performed on animals, harm to
the fetus has been shown.

Mothers who believe they may have been erroneously kept on a medication
that posed a risk to their child can risk losing much-needed compensation
if they don’t speak with an attorney. In addition, those whose babies
have already been hurt by a physician error can discuss their situation
with a malpractice attorney to start the process of obtaining answers.

Source: The Madison – St. Clair Record, “Mother sues over infant’s brain injury; claims doctors failed to take
her off Zoloft
,” June 18, 2014