Woman dies after C-section which delivered quadruplets


Nowadays, it isn’t unusual to hear about an expecting mother in Houston
receiving news that she will welcome more than one bundle of joy. Twins,
triplets and even quadruplets used to be a rarity but now rarely make
headlines. Most of the time, these pregnancies proceed as planned, but
frequently require more vigilant monitoring to avoid
pregnancy-related injuries. Unfortunately, an unexpected tragedy recently made the news after an
Arizona woman died subsequent to giving birth to quadruplets.

The 36-year-old woman passed away earlier this month, just a few hours
after aC-section which delivered one boy and a trio of girls. The mother-to-be
was initially in the hospital due to high blood pressure; she was only
seven months into her pregnancy when the babies were delivered. Complications
arose, however, and it was not immediately clear what specifically caused
the woman’s death.

All four newborns weigh just a few pounds and are expected to remain in
the hospital for at least two months. According to the deceased woman’s
friend, the expectant mom had been trying to conceive for a while and
was trying to do everything right regarding her pregnancy. The friend
has since initiated a fundraising site for the deceased woman’s husband
and children. The site has already brought in more than $30,000 for the family.

The sudden, unanticipated death of a person in the prime of life can bring
more than just emotional devastation. A family must cope with the loss of
income, loss of a parent to care for children, the absence of companionship
and so much more. In addition, a family will also have to cope with the
inevitable question of what happened and why. In the case of a pregnant
woman’s death, the family may wonder if any fatal injury was preventable,
or if negligent monitoring of a difficult pregnancy contributed to the
situation. In any case, an experienced medical malpractice attorney can
help a grieving family get to the root of their loved one’s loss and
understand how to hold any potentially negligent parties accountable.

Source: CBS News, “Phoenix woman dies after giving birth to quadruplets,” Jan. 17, 2015