Study sheds light on one factor in brain injury recuperation


The value of an education holds different meanings for different people,
but most people in the Houston area would likely agree that education
is positive, enriching and beneficial. Interestingly, the findings of
a recent study point to education being a factor in recovery from
brain injuries.

The research, which was covered in a recent article, covered the topic
of functional recovery as it pertains to victims of two types of brain
injury: moderate and severe. Researchers surveyed 769 individuals suffering
from traumatic brain injury, or TBI, and found that those with higher
levels of education also had higher levels of recovery from their injuries.

For example, just a year after being injured, nearly 40 percent of participants
who had earned a college degree were free of disability and could go back
to their jobs. However, just one-tenth of those who didn’t complete
their high school education were at the same level of recovery a year
after their injury. According to one doctor, the results point to the
human brain’s ability to adapt, and this adaptation is well-served
by education.

Sadly, education does not guarantee that someone won’t become a victim
of brain injury in the first place. Brain injuries can result from a variety
of causes. A car accident victim can suffer train trauma after a jarring
collision, a hospital patient can experience brain injury as the result
of medical malpractice and those who play sports can also fall prey to
this dangerous and sometimes devastating affliction. The costs associated
with recovery from a brain injury can be exorbitant, even for those with
multiple degrees and solid incomes.