Mother shares child’s brain injury journey, progress


Many Houston residents have likely donated to the March of Dimes organization
in the past, hoping to make it easier for babies to grow up healthy and
happy. Sometimes, a donation may be a spur of the moment act or it may
be brought about by the moving testimony of someone affected by birth
, brain injuries or other related issues. Recently, one mother
in another state shared the story of her child’s journey towards recovery
from a brain injury; as a result, the woman’s workplace has nominated
the child to serve as a March of Dimes county ambassador.

The woman’s child, a two-year-old lgirl, was born at almost 38 weeks.
In the first few days of the child’s life, she experienced seizures
and had to be taken to several different hospitals for treatment. Her
medical treatment revealed that the infant had a hypoxic brain injury.
Brain hypoxia, or insufficient oxygen to the brain, can be extremely dangerous
and may result in permanent disability if it occurs in relation to a birth injury.

As is sometimes the case with infants suffering from a brain injury, it
was not clear what, specifically, had caused the child’s condition.
The mother related that she was told the injury could have been caused
by the seizures or by extremely low blood sugar. The injury also could
have come from the birth itself, which, in turn, caused both the seizures
and the low blood sugar.

Just like the exact origin of the condition, the prognosis for the child’s
development was also murky. According to the mother, the medical professionals
couldn’t tell if the child would be able to walk, talk or even sit
up. While the girl is delayed, she has made progress and is sitting up,
walking and even running.

A baby who has experienced insufficient oxygen to the brain may face a
variety of challenges as he or she grows. The family in this case, while
finding joy in their child’s progress, also faces obstacles, such
as the need to engage in several different types of therapy on a weekly
basis. If the child’s initial injury was caused by a form of medical
, the family may be entitled to significant compensation that
can assist with these needs.