Medical Malpractice Facts and Fiction

The Institute of Medicine estimates that, on average, 98,000 people die
because of medical errors, while extensive amounts of people are injured because of it. Under U.S. laws, those injured or killed because of inaction or negligence can file for compensation. However, recent studies show that while the number of medical malpractice suits are going down, medical errors are actually increasing. One reason many fail to file a claim against a doctor or hospital is that they are misinformed. At Hampton & King, we want you to be
informed of the facts and fiction surrounding such a debated topic.

Fiction Around Medical Malpractice

1.Most people who file a medical malpractice suit are looking to make money: The National Association of Insurance Commissioners reports that medical
negligence payouts have decreased by almost 50%. Too often, victims must
file a claim to simply learn what went wrong.

2.Medical malpractice claims increase healthcare costs: Medical negligence compensation accounts for 0.3% of healthcare costs
in the country. That accounts for approximately $7.1 billion spending
out of a $2.2 trillion healthcare system.

3.Most medical malpractice cases cannot be prevented: Studies show that most medical malpractice incidents are caused by human
errors that are preventable.

Facts About Medical Malpractice

1.Medical errors cost more than medical health insurance: According to the Institute of Medicine, hospitals spend an average of $17-29
billion for medical errors. Meanwhile, the amount spent for medical malpractice
suits averages about $6.4 billion.

2.Most medical malpractice claims surround a common group of negligent doctors: Studies found that most doctors who had more than one medical malpractice
suit filed against them never received the discipline they deserved.

3.A majority of medical malpractice cases are filed because of permanent
injuries or death:
90% of medical malpractice claims, in 75 of the nation’s largest
counties, were a result of permanent injury or wrongful death.

If you suffered because of a doctor or hospital’s negligence or error,
call our Houston medical malpractice attorneys at Hampton & King.
We will inform you of your rights and help you strategize the best plan
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