Most Texas residents understand that if a loved one is killed due to medical
negligence, it is crucial to understand and prove the case to recover
compensation. With malpractice cases often being highly complex, and with
Texas having an ever-changing legal and medical landscape, a law firm’s
combined years of experience among its attorneys can come together in
a victim’s favor.

In the case of a wrongful death due to a medical mistake, a family is often
reeling from the bad news and often wonder if they have a case or not.
Lawyers who have worked extensively in malpractice can usually tell if
a death was purely accidental or caused by a doctor mistake. Experienced
attorneys can also put family members at ease, knowing they’ve successfully
held doctors and hospitals accountable in the past. Years of trying cases
in civil court also means that the nuances of judges and juries are often
well-known, and that each case is meticulously well-prepared before the
first day of a trial.

In addition, well-seasoned malpractice lawyers can confidently go up against
the often powerful defendants in a wrongful death lawsuit. These can include
physicians, hospitals, nursing homes and other entities who often have
considerable clout.

The medical malpractice and birth injury lawyers at Hampton & King
have been representing clients for over 35 years. Combined, our firm’s
attorneys possess more than five decades of experience. The firm even
boasts a registered nurse to add to the considerable experience shared
by those who give our firm it’s trusted reputation.

Following the loss of a loved one, family members often don’t know
where to turn. By sharing what they know with experienced counsel, they
can gain a sense of purposeful direction in light of unexpected tragedy.