Medical Malpractice

A man adjusts to the loss of his companion.

What Is Loss Of Companionship In A Medical Malpractice Case?

Injuries from medical malpractice affect more than their victims. They affect the victim’s family, too. It’s especially difficult for spouses/partners. They must face the reality that their loved one will never be the same again. Damages for loss of companionship can’t make a malpractice victim whole. But they can give a devastated partner some measure…
Doctor stressed because of medical malpractice mistake.

Medical Malpractice Vs Negligence

Pobody’s nerfect. Oh, excuse us–it’s “nobody’s perfect.” Everyone makes mistakes. But a medical mistake can have much greater consequences than a typo. In “legalese”, those errors are classified as medical malpractice and negligence. Have you been injured because of a doctor’s mistake? You’re probably wondering which “bucket” your case belongs in. It’s helpful to know…
Outside of judicial building.

The Four Elements Of Medical Malpractice

Your physician made a disastrous mistake and injured you. Now you’re gearing up to sue for medical malpractice. Did you know you must prove certain elements of malpractice in order to win your case? In this article we’ll tell you what they are, and why they’re essential for malpractice lawsuits. What Are The Four Elements…
Surgical malpractice in the operating room.

Surgical Malpractice

Surgery. It’s a word that can frighten the bravest of people. It unravels a lot of anxiety and stress. But thousands of people across the globe undergo surgery every day. Out of necessity. Desperation. Hopes of feeling better. The ordinary Joe undergoes surgery with an enormous amount of trust in the surgeon. So imagine the…
Writing check for pain and suffering damages.

Pain & Suffering Damages – Do You Deserve Compensation?

Most people have suffered an injury in their life. A broken arm. A sprained ankle. A neck injury from a car accident. A broken nose from a sports game. Minor or major, it’s almost a rite of passage into adulthood. But what about the injuries caused by someone else? Someone else’s negligence? That’s where pain…
Courtroom gavel and stethoscope.

What Constitutes Medical Malpractice?

A nurse makes a rude comment about your weight. A surgeon rushes through an explanation of your upcoming operation, preventing you from piping up with a question. Your doctor’s awful “bedside manner” makes TV’s Gregory House seem sweet and sincere. Unsatisfactory treatment? Most definitely. Malpractice? Probably not. If you’ve ever wondered what constitutes medical malpractice, you’ve…