Choosing The Right Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Doctors, surgeons, nurses, radiologists – they’re who we turn to when we need healthcare. And whether you’ve researched the best doctor in town or go in for an emergency, you’re promised a certain standard of care. But what happens when your care provider doesn’t uphold their end and provide you with that standard of care? What if they’re negligent while treating you? You’ll want to get in touch with the right medical malpractice lawyer. 

Selecting the right medical malpractice lawyer can be the difference between getting compensated. But how do you know you’ve got the right legal team by your side? How can you be sure the law professionals you select understand what the medical professionals did to you? Hampton & King is equipped with a stellar team. Our attorneys have a long history of cases won and have represented numerous families. From birth injuries to wrongful deaths, surgical errors to diagnostic errors, Hampton & King can provide you with a medical malpractice lawyer to help you win your case. 

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What To Look For In A Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Lawyers are a bit like doctors. There are certain areas of specialties. For heart concerns, such as valve disease, you’d go see a cardiologist. Brain and spinal issues? You’ll want a neurologist. And for general health concerns, there are family doctors. Your law issues work the same way. You may think a general attorney could help you with medical negligence. But who you’re really looking for is a medical malpractice lawyer. These attorneys have years of experience working in negligence legal cases. They’ve either represented victims injured from medical malpractice or the doctors being sued. Or better yet, they’ve fought cases for both sides, like our very own medical malpractice lawyers. 

So when it comes to choosing the right medical malpractice lawyer, here’s what you should look for:

Can they take on your case? 

Obviously, you’ll want a legal team on your side who can actually take on your case. And the best way to figure that out is to contact them. Do they have availability? Enough resources? Explain your case and see if there’s a medical malpractice lawyer on their team who can represent you. 

Do they understand the medical aspect of your case? 

Sure, a great team of lawyers is great! But that alone won’t do anything for your malpractice case. We understand this. And that’s why we have medical experts on our team. They help the rest of our team understand exactly what happened to you and how your healthcare provider was negligent. 

How much experience do they have? 

Not every medical malpractice case is the same. Some are more complicated than others. Anesthesia malpractice, for example, is difficult to prove. The right medical malpractice will be equipped with the experience and resources to get you the compensation you deserve. 

Who Needs A Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Whenever we have some sort of health issue, we turn to the forefront of medicine. The doctors, the nurses, the surgeons, and the hospitals have vowed to provide a certain standard of care to every patient they see. The moment we walk through those hospital doors, we put all our trust in those medical professionals. We trust them to care for us, diagnose us, relieve us of our pain, and come up with a treatment plan. 

But sometimes, it doesn’t work out that way. We understand even doctors are prone to honest mistakes. And even the best doctors have difficulty finding the perfect diagnosis. Or the perfect cure. But what about the doctors who make mistakes simply because they’re negligent? What if you go in for a cure and come out with another injury because the doctor wasn’t paying attention? 

Unfortunately, it happens far too often. In fact, a recent study showed that over 20% of American adults suffered from a medical error.

A medical malpractice lawyer can help those who have suffered at the direct hands of a negligent medical provider. Whether you were misdiagnosed, a doctor failed to treat you or caused your injury while treating you because of negligence, you need a medical malpractice lawyer. 

Cases A Medical Malpractice Lawyer Can Help You With

Medical malpractice lawyers work on a wide variety of cases. Here are just some of the areas Hampton & King lawyers have experience with:

  • Birth injuries
  • Diagnostic mistakes
  • Different forms of cerebral palsy
  • Surgical errors
  • Treatment errors
  • Medical device failures 
  • Wrongful deaths
  • Anesthesia complications
  • Hospital negligence 
  • Spinal/brain injuries 

A Negligent Error Turns Into A Malpractice Case

In Springfield, Montana, Katie Kendrick went to Cox South Hospital for her scheduled induction. It seemed routine enough. After all, her pregnancy went as smoothly as one could hope – no major issues. So why wouldn’t her baby’s delivery be the same? 

Unfortunately, it wasn’t. During the induction, staff members gave Kendrick increasing doses of Pitocin. Her contractions were more frequent and much more severe. This caused her baby to suffer from oxygen deprivation. 

Katie’s son suffered a hypoxic brain injury before leaving the womb. The result? A child with brain damage, quadriplegia, and cerebral palsy. 

The extreme amounts of Pitocin took away her child from her, in certain ways, describes Katie. Because her child would require life-long care, she filed a medical malpractice case. 

To read Katie’s full story, click here

Meet Our Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Hartley Hampton

If there’s a medical malpractice lawyer you want on your side, it’s Hartley Hampton. With 45 years of law practice, Hartley works for families who have been directly impacted by medical negligence. He is considered one of the best medical malpractice lawyers in America. And that comes as no surprise – Hartley is an attorney who cares for his clients. He takes the time to understand their case. He’s familiar with relevant medical literature that helps turn your malpractice case into a winning one. 

Christopher King

Christopher brings a unique experience to the team. He has experience representing both defendants and plaintiffs giving him a unique perspective that’s hard to find elsewhere. With more than 20 years of litigation experience, Christopher has the knowledge to defend your case and hold negligent doctors and professionals responsible. 

Medical malpractice lawyers Hartley Hampton & Christopher King.

Suffered A Malpractice Injury? Contact A Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Healthcare is tricky. It’s easy for people and courts to side with medical professionals more often than not. After all, they’re knowledgeable and went through years of rigorous education and training to provide care. But negligence still occurs, unfortunately. And who better to understand that than a medical malpractice lawyer?

If you’ve sustained an injury after being cared for, you may not even be sure whose fault it was. A medical malpractice lawyer can help you determine whether the hospital/doctor was at fault and if negligence was at play. Don’t second-guess yourself. Give Hampton & King a call to see if your unique case is one of medical malpractice. Our team of compassionate and experienced members can help you navigate an otherwise difficult path. And ultimately help you receive the compensation and accountability you deserve.