Brain injury compensation can help heal the whole family


It’s well-known that brain injury is among the most serious types of
injury a person can suffer. There is an immense amount of physical damage
that can occur, but mental, psychological and emotional damage can occur
as well. When
brain injuries are the result of physician negligence or another preventable act of negligence,
the victim may be able to obtain compensation with the aid of a Houston
malpractice attorney.

Compensation for damages can range from money for medical bills to financial
awards for pain and suffering. The compensation can’t make the victim’s
injuries go away, but it can help the victim and their family become whole
again. For instance, a family breadwinner suffering a brain injury due
to a physician error can be out of work for a very long period of time,
possibly forever. Likewise, a child who suffers a preventable brain injury
might not ever be able to work and support themselves as an adult.

In such instances, the victim’s family will typically be under immense
financial pressure, both in the short-term as well as over time. How can
families cope in the midst of such dire and sudden financial circumstances?
They may begin with a consultation with the attorneys at
Hampton & King, Texas medical malpractice and birth injury attorneys. A consultation
can reveal if one has a case, and from that point forward, other important
questions can be answered.

Visiting with an attorney can show a family if there is still enough time
to file a claim. In the state of Texas, victims of medical malpractice
usually have two years from the date of the original incident to claim
medical malpractice. Thus, it is important that brain injury victims and
their families contact a malpractice attorney as soon as possible after
an incident.