Common Mismanaged Health Conditions

Chest X-RayWhen we go to the doctors, we expect them to properly diagnose and treat any ailment we may be dealing with so we can recover. Unfortunately, there are countless conditions and illnesses that may have similar symptoms. This often leads to misdiagnosed conditions and the patient not receiving the treatment they deserve. There are some health conditions that are more commonly mismanaged than others, and victims may have a condition that worsens.

Conditions Often Misdiagnosed

Some of the most commonly misdiagnosed and mismanaged health conditions include central pontine myelinolysis, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, and Wernicke’s syndrome. There are also issues that often arise when diagnosing cancer and other life-threatening conditions. The more severe the condition, the worse the complications may be.

Mismanaged Treatments

Some of the common treatments that are often mismanaged are those involving cancer and issues involving defective medical devices. One of the most common errors, however, involves drug interactions and the way certain prescriptions may react with another. Doctors are supposed to identify and explain prescription medication that would be harmful if mixed. The patient should not be provided medications if they are not safe for them.

Errors with Anesthesia

When someone is set to undergo surgery or they need to be under anesthesia for any reason, there is a possibility that something can go wrong, causing the patient harm. This can include misintubation, overdose of anesthesia, misplacement of the laryngeal mask airway, and more. All of these can cause long-term damage or in the worst cases, they can be fatal mistakes.

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