What is “telemedicine” in Texas?


Nowadays, various forms of video technology have enabled Texans to be “face
to face” with another person despite not being physically with that
person. Many Houston residents have likely utilized technology such as
Skype, FaceTime or similar applications in order to see the person with
whom they are speaking via the phone or internet. This same type of technology
is also used in the medical field and is known as telemedicine.
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Epileptic Women May Require Vigilant Pregnancy Monitoring


One of the primary concerns of many expecting mothers in Texas is health.
Both their own health, as well as that of their unborn child, is almost
always a priority. Pregnant women often take many steps to avoid
pregnancy-related injuries, from driving more safely to avoiding certain sports and recreational
activities. However, for women with existing health conditions, avoiding
danger is often a near-constant task. Moreover, the woman’s doctor
and healthcare team must also be vigilant throughout the pregnancy in
order to safeguard the woman’s health and the baby’s well-being.
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Post-Cesarean Vaginal Deliveries Focus of New Study


Houston women who are expecting an addition to their family typically entrust
their doctors with major decisions related to the impending birth. One
such decision is whether a woman will give birth via cesarean section
or vaginally. In the past, it was often assumed that once a woman had
a C-section, all subsequent births would need to be C-sections as well.
However, a new analysis shows that this may not be the case.
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Texas woman sues over botched hysterectomy


There are many reasons why a Houston woman might need to get a hysterectomy.
The procedure, which removes a woman’s uterus, is sometimes necessary
for those suffering from endometriosis, uterine fibroids, adenomyosis,
uterine prolapse or certain types of cancer. After the surgery is performed,
recovery generally takes about three to six weeks, and the patient can
expect a variety of physical and emotional feelings after the procedure.
One Texas woman, though, alleges that after her hysterectomy, she was
left in a worsened condition and has since sued for malpractice.
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Formulating a legal response to a maternal death


When a baby is born in a Houston hospital, family, friends and well-wishers
will almost always inquire into the health of the newborn. The health
and wellbeing of the mother is also a frequent topic of concern, even
though most births proceed without serious harm to mother or baby. Still,
in some tragic cases maternal death will occur during, preceding or after
childbirth. In such shocking situations, devastated families may wish
to know more about their legal options in relation to OB/GYN negligence.
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What is preeclampsia and why is it so dangerous?


Many women in the Houston area are fortunate enough to experience normal,
healthy pregnancies. For those who experience complications, though, the
experience can be frightening, painful and, at times, devastating. Those
who are affected by pregnancy-related injuries can face huge medical costs,
physical trauma or potential loss of life. One of the common pregnancy
complications an expecting mother might experience is preeclampsia, a
very serious medical issue for a pregnant woman and her unborn child.
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