Nurse Practitioner Lawsuit – Should You File One?

Nurses. They’re on the forefront of healthcare. Patients spend most of their time in clinics and hospitals with nurses. From recording a patient’s medical record to collecting their blood sample, they do it all. So it may come as a surprise that many patients have filed a nurse practitioner lawsuit. 

In fact, there were over 400 malpractice settlements/payouts that involved a nurse practitioner in 2019 alone. These nurse practitioner lawsuits came about for several reasons including diagnostic errors and delay in treatment. 

When it comes to suing healthcare professionals for medical malpractice, anyone is fair game really. From general surgeons to family doctors, radiologists, to nurse practitioners – medical malpractice has been seen at all levels. If you’re thinking of filing a nurse practitioner lawsuit, give us a call. Hampton & King has experience handling malpractice cases that involve nurse practitioners. We can help you get the compensation you deserve. 

Nurse practicioner views vital signs.

An Example Of A Nurse Practitioner Lawsuit

Betty Wattenbarger died from flu complications when she was only 7 years old. Pneumonia and sepsis wreaked havoc on her body. It started out as a fever. Her skin began looking yellow, and her lips had a blue tint to them. Betty’s parents took her to urgent care where the nurse practitioner diagnosed her with the flu. No X-rays and no medical tests were done. Betty was sent home. When the next day blood was coming out of her mouth, Betty’s parents rushed her to the ER. They found fluid in one lung and the start of pneumonia in the other. A few hours later, Betty died. The family filed a nurse practitioner lawsuit. 

Nurse Practitioner Errors That Lead To A Lawsuit

It’s easy to imagine the more dramatic cases of medical malpractice. You know the ones: wrong leg amputated, unnecessary surgery, etc. But surgeons aren’t the only professionals prone to malpractice. Nurse practitioner malpractice cases exist for a reason. They are not immune to making errors that may injure someone. 

Here are some of the more common errors that may result in a nurse practitioner lawsuit.

Diagnostic Errors

Whether a nurse practitioner misdiagnosis, fails to diagnose or delays diagnosis, it can lead to a patient’s injury.

Prescription Mistakes

There’s a lot of nurse practitioners can do. And that includes prescribing medicine. Prescribing the wrong medication or the wrong dosage can lead to a nurse practitioner lawsuit. 

Failure To Monitor

When a patient undergoes any sort of treatment, they must be monitored the entire time. If not, oxygen levels and other vital signs may drop below optimal levels and cause major issues. Failing to monitor can also lead to unnecessary death.

Not Communicating

Nurse practitioners know what a patient should and should not do before, during, or aftercare. It is important they communicate this with their patients. If not, it can cause injury to a patient and they may file a nurse practitioner lawsuit.

Solo Or Combined Blame

Nurses usually act under the orders of the doctor. But that is where nurse practitioners differ. A lot of what they do comes with autonomy. There is a lot they can do while treating a patient without having constant doctor supervision. 

So when there is a case of medical malpractice, who is to blame? Because of their expanded role in medicine, they can face the same kind of litigation as physicians. Yes, a doctor may be questioned during a nurse practitioner lawsuit. But it’s not necessary that they must share a role and also face penalties. 

Child with misdiagnosed pneumonia in hospital bed.

How To File A Nurse Practitioner Lawsuit

If you’ve ever suspected malpractice while being under a nurse practitioner’s care, contact medical malpractice lawyers. They can help you navigate your case, no matter how complicated. 

But if you’re certain your injury is because of a nurse practitioner’s negligence, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Gather all your evidence. Anything that connects you with the nurse practitioner during your care, hold on to it it. This includes receipts, prescriptions, medical test results, and any communication. 
  2. Speak to an experienced attorney. Hampton & King lawyers understand what it takes to handle a malpractice case. Even if it’s a nurse practitioner lawsuit. 
  3. Act fast. There is a strict statute of limitations when it comes to filing your medical malpractice claim. 

Nurse practitioners pledge to provide patients with thoughtful, experienced, and professional care. However, there are some who act negligently. In such cases, patients should file a nurse practitioner lawsuit. Let us help you receive compensation and justice. Contact the office of Hampton & King now.