Baby's hand wrapped with a bandage & medical tape, resting on a white blanket.It’s unfortunate, but there are countless situations in which babies
are injured at the hands of a negligent obstetrician or other medical
professional. Birth injuries are quite common and there are a number of
potential causes. The damages sustained often vary based the exact cause
and when the baby sustained the damage. Below, our team lists some of
the most common causes of birth injuries and how they can happen.

Failure to Monitor Fetal Activity

During the course of the pregnancy, the obstetrician is supposed to have
regular check-ups with the mother to make sure both she and the baby are
healthy. The baby should be checked to ensure he or she is breathing correctly
and the heart rate is within healthy range. Monitoring the baby and mother
can also help an obstetrician detect issues such as umbilical cord strangulation,
preeclampsia, and more.

Use of Forceps or Vacuum Extractors

When a baby is being delivered, the obstetrician will attempt a natural
birth, but there are some complications that can occur and the doctor
may attempt to use certain tools to help aid the mother. These tools include
forceps or vacuum extractors. If the doctor uses either of these tools
incorrectly, it can cause injury to the baby’s head, shoulder, or
other parts of the body.

Prolonged Labor and Delivery

The longer a mother is in labor and delivery, the more that can potentially
go wrong. It could mean the baby is not positioned correctly or that there
is an issue with the umbilical cord. If there is already something wrong,
and the delivery goes longer than expected, it can make the issue or injury
worse, leaving the baby with long-lasting physical trauma.

C-Section Errors

In some pregnancies, the mother may need to undergo a cesarean section
in order to have the baby delivered. The doctor can make mistakes during
this time, including failing to perform a C-section when needed, harming
the baby during the operation, cutting other organs when operating, or
delaying the C-section, resulting in oxygen deprivation to the fetus.

If your baby was harmed by the negligence of an obstetrician or any other
medical professional responsible for the health of you and your baby, our
Houston birth injury attorneys want to help. Hampton & King is committed to representing families
whose lives have been impacted by the reckless or negligent behavior of
a medical professional and we want to help obtain maximum compensation
for the damages sustained.

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