Shadow of birth injuries hangs over military hospitals


It seems most Texans would probably overwhelmingly agree that top-notch
care should be given to everybody, but especially to returning veterans.
Servicemen and women who are active in the military, as well as their
families, are often treated at military hospitals rather than at other
of facilities. However, recent incidents have made many wonder if the
care received at military hospitals is up to par, and if negligence has
caused birth injuries and other avoidable complications.

In one shocking 2010 birth injury case at Fort Sill in neighboring Oklahoma,
a woman who was five months pregnant went to the hospital complaining
of fever, pain and weakness. Hospital staff sent her home, though, with
the recommendation that she get her wisdom teeth extracted. The young
woman died shortly thereafter, despite being taken to a civilian hospital,
where strong efforts were made to save both her and her baby, who also
perished. According to medical experts later hired by the woman’s
family, her death was avoidable and could have been prevented via proper
diagnosis and treatment at the military hospital.

There are roughly 50,000 babies born at military hospitals every year.
These vulnerable little ones, though, face double the chances of injury
during the delivery process than do newborns across the country. A 2012
Pentagon analysis also showed that mothers who gave birth in such facilities
faced higher chances of experiencing a post-birth hemorrhage than did
mothers in other hospitals. In May, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel mandated
a review of every military hospital to find out if these facilities were
suffering from the same problems as those VA issues that are making headlines.

Due to their close connection with the government, those injured in military
hospitals may be reluctant to seek compensation for injuries. They may
assume the system is too stacked against them or too overflowing with
red tape to allow for proper compensation. Nevertheless, if negligence
has caused a birth injury to a newborn, the medical expenses can be enormous.
Yet, these costs can pale in comparison to the emotional damage. Any Texan
whose child suffers from birth injuries may benefit from contacting an
experienced malpractice attorney immediately.