Family claims botched delivery in Texas newborn’s death


The loss of a loved one is always deeply hurtful, but often much more so
when the deceased was relatively young. The death of a newborn is almost
unfathomable to most Texas families, but unfortunately that is what one
local family has had to cope with recently. In situations where a loved
one has died unexpectedly due to a medical mistake, a family can obtain
legal advice from a Houston wrongful death attorney.

A Texas physician, twice sued before for medical malpractice, is at the
center of a controversy over a baby’s death earlier this month. When
the child’s mother went into the East Houston Regional Medical Center
to give birth, there were apparently no indications that the delivery
would go horribly wrong. According to the woman’s attorney, she had
experienced a largely uncomplicated pregnancy and thus it was expected
she would deliver a healthy baby boy.

The mother’s lawyer notes that, during delivery, the baby’s head
became lodged in the birth canal. Instead of performing an emergency Cesarean
, though, the doctor supposedly caused the baby’s collarbone
to break. Moreover, the physician supposedly ignored others’ requests
for a C-section. The doctor has been ordered to undergo 20 hours of high-risk
obstetrics training for failure to meet standards of patient care. The
attorney for the mother who lost her child says they may file a lawsuit.

It’s often upsetting to learn that doctors who have harmed patients
in the past continue to treat some of society’s most vulnerable members.
Still, it is possible to hold negligent doctors and hospitals accountable
for the harm they have caused. While accountability can’t bring back
a lost loved one or reverse the course of a fatal accident, it can allow
the family to receive compensation for their loss.

Source: ABC 13, “Parents want answers after baby dies at East Houston regional Medical Center,” Tracy Clemons, Nov. 9, 2015