Birth Injuries

Baby with Erb's Palsy injury.

Erb’s Palsy Lawsuit | Mother Awarded $12.9

$12.9 million dollars. That’s what a jury awarded Libby Bryson after she filed an Erb’s palsy lawsuit. The Michigan woman’s baby was diagnosed with Erb’s palsy after her doctors made a series of disastrous mistakes. During labor on January 1, 2008, Bryson’s daughter became stuck in the birth canal. Her shoulder was caught behind Bryson’s…
Mother cries over infant's birth injury.

When Infant Resuscitation Isn’t Handled Correctly

The miracle of birth is almost always an emotional occasion. Whether there were complications or the baby arrives healthy and without a hitch, there will likely be tears in the room. While most babies come into this world able to breathe on their own, occasionally newborns require infant resuscitation to help them breathe correctly. But…
Newborn in NICU faces cerebral palsy diagnosis.

Cerebral Palsy Lawsuits, Settlements, & More

No parent wants to find out their child will never live a normal life because of cerebral palsy. It’s even worse finding out that a doctor you trusted caused your child’s condition. The pain is great…and the hospital bills are greater. So what’s the only recourse for families of CP patients? Cerebral palsy lawsuits. Cerebral…
Mother cries because her newborn had anoxia at birth.

Anoxia At Birth Can Result In Tragedy

The miracle of childbirth is a truly incredible experience. Every future mother hopes that giving birth to her new baby will be smooth. And who wouldn’t? Pregnancy, labor, and childbirth are all difficult experiences. But in the end, it’s all worth it to have a happy and healthy baby. But sometimes, the mother, baby, or…
Baby with birth injury in NICU.

Choosing The Right Birth Injury Lawyer – Your Helpful Guide

In the United States alone, over 3.5 million babies are born each year. Most of these deliveries are completed without any complications and mom and baby are sent home without further assistance. However, some newborns don’t go home unscathed. And many of these injuries are preventable. This is why hiring a birth injury lawyer can…
Mother holds her newborn's feet in the palm of her hands.

Negligence Cause A Birth Defect? Consider Filing A Birth Defect Lawsuit

Expecting parents shouldn’t have to worry about filing a birth defect lawsuit… Pregnancy is often both the most exciting and nerve-racking time in many women’s lives. It’s the time parents think and dream of what will be. The fun stuff includes thinking whether the baby will have green eyes like mom or brown eyes like…