Cost of Care In Birth Injury Cases


There is nothing worse than watching your child experience pain from a
birth injury caused by a doctor’s negligence. Unfortunately, this
happens more often than most people want to think and the aftermath is
often very difficult. While we must deal with the physical damage that
children may deal with, it’s also important to recognize how much
costs will be when caring for a child with a birth injury. Here are some
basic expenses that you may want to be aware of in this situation.

Initial Expenses

The initial expenses of a birth injury begin incurring from the delivery
of the baby. This may include the total amount for the medical costs,
care in the neonatal intensive care unit, medication needed to help the
baby or mother, and more. These numbers can add up quickly, especially
considering the potential length your baby may need to stay in the NICU.

Ongoing Care and Costs

Children who develop serious health conditions due to a birth injury may
be faced with lifelong and ongoing treatment and care. According to a
report from 2005, caring for a child with some type of disability may
be more than 26 times more expensive than caring for a child without a

This includes the costs for professional care, surgeries and other procedures,
home care, modifications to your home or car, special education, lost
income, and more. In some cases, when legal action is taken, there may
be recovery for emotional trauma as well.

How Parents Are Impacted

In many situations, a birth injury causes significant emotional hardships.
As a result, they may miss time for work, need to leave permanently to
care for the child, or have medical expenses of their own. This can lead
to lost income, which over time can have a tremendous impact on the parents’
enjoyment of life.

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