How to Emotionally Cope If Your Child Has a Birth Injury


Baby dressed in pink onesie laying next to a pink teddy bear in bed.During the entire pregnancy, a soon-to-be-mother is excited about the prospect
of holding her baby. This is one of the most exciting times in any parent’s
life and it should be filled with joy and happiness. Unfortunately, there
are times when negligence pays a factor and the obstetrician may cause
the mother or baby to experience a birth injury. This takes the most joyous
time, and turns it into something that is very difficult to endure.

One of the most important things a parent can do is learn how to emotionally
cope with the unfortunate situations with which you are dealing. While
this is something that you don’t want to accept in your life, it’s
not something that will just go away, and you can take actions to help
emotionally cope better.

Don’t Blame Yourself

One thing that may come to a parent’s mind is the possibilities of
things they could have done differently to prevent the birth injury. Keep
in mind, most birth injuries are caused by negligence on behalf of the
medical professional. These are preventable injuries, but it’s most
often the inaction of the doctor that causes problems.

Look for Potential Support Groups

Birth injuries are more common than most people would like to think, which
for parents, means they are not alone in dealing with such a difficult
situation. A support group can allow you to talk about your feelings,
discuss with other parents who have the same troubles, and better understand
your child’s injury. It helps to have others as a resource for coping.

Take Legal Action

For many parents, the best feeling is holding the negligent party accountable
and hoping to prevent actions like these in the future. By filing a birth
injury lawsuit, parents can potentially hold the doctor responsible and
seek compensation that can help cover the costs associated with the injury
the child sustained. When these lawsuits are filed, they can also help
doctors learn from their mistakes so no other children have to endure
these types of problems.

At Hampton & King, we help parents take action. We want you to obtain
justice against the negligent party. Our
Houston birth injury attorneys have a long history of handling these types of cases, always working to
represent our clients to the best of our ability and seek the maximum
compensation to which they may be entitled. We are tenacious in our advocacy,
and this is proven in our track record of success.

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