When Is It Necessary to Perform a C-Section?


Surgeons using a scalpel in a medical procedure on patient.Most mothers hope that the birth of their child will go smoothly and naturally.
Unfortunately, there are numerous times where situations occur and doctors
opt to change the method of delivery, performing an emergency cesarean
section. This is when the doctor delivers the baby through an incision
in the abdominal wall and uterus. There are a number of reasons the doctor
may prefer this method of delivery, including the following.

Breech Position

A C-section may be the only option of delivery if the baby is in a breech
position. Breech presentation can be considered complete, Frank, or incomplete.
Complete breech is when the fetus’ buttocks is facing downward and
the legs are folded at the knee with feet near the bottom. Frank breech
occurs when the buttocks is facing the birth canal and the legs are straight
in front of the body with feet near the head. Incomplete breech is when
the buttocks is facing down and one leg is bent with the foot near the
bottom, the other is straight in front of the baby.

Fetal Distress

Throughout the entire pregnancy, the obstetrician is expected to monitor
the health and status of the fetus to ensure the baby is receiving enough
oxygen and heart beat is normal. If something is wrong, the doctor may
decide at a certain week of pregnancy that a C-section is the best option
to ensure the baby is healthy as possible.

Umbilical Cord Prolapse or Strangulation

Umbilical cord prolapse occurs when the cord protrudes through the vagina
prior to the birth of the baby and contractions can cause enough pressure
on the umbilical cord to cause decreased blood flow. Umbilical cord strangulation
occurs when the cord wraps around the baby’s neck, preventing him
or her from receiving the proper amount of oxygen, putting the baby at
risk of brain damage.

Prolonged Labor

During labor, the cervix must dilate to a specific centimeter for a healthy
delivery. In some cases, if the cervix has not dilated properly, or if
the labor has slowed, the obstetrician may choose to deliver the baby
through a cesarean section to potentially prevent a birth injury.

Unfortunately, while C-sections are often considered necessary, there are
mistakes that can occur and the baby or mother can be harmed as a result.
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