Brain Performance Institute to Open in Dallas


According to a brain specialist working out of Houston, our ideas about
the brain are extremely outdated. Dr. Chapman has been working with patients
suffering from cognitive injuries due to traumatic brain injury and says
the brain is one of the most misunderstood areas of our bodies. It is
true that the brain has just recently become a focus of interest for treating
many different type of ailments. For those brain injury sufferers struggling
with a TBI, a new research facility is set to open in Dallas in 2017.

The facility would be the first of its kind to test patient’s cognitive
skills and plan training programs aimed at increasing the brain’s
ability to function. Beliefs about the brain have changed drastically
over recent years. Conventional wisdom once dictated that humans are born
with a fixed set of nerve cells, or neurons, that gradually die out as
we age. However, it has been discovered that the brain never stops making
new neurons.

What this means is that the brain could potentially learn new information,
meaning it could function at a higher level if it is struggling from a
traumatic brain injury that slowed brain function. Studies show that certain
types of training can reverse these trends of decline and increase blood
flow and strengthen connections between neurons. Dr. Chapman is well known
for her SMART program that was launched in Houston and examines and treats
brain function. The SMART program costs roughly $600 to $1,000 per session
for the general public.

Although groundbreaking, these brain training programs can be very expensive.
Many traumatic brain injuries are the result of a traumatic accident and
prevent the victim from doing things they once were able to do with ease
before their injury. This is why these brain rehabilitation programs hold
such promise for those suffering from brain injuries. Due to the high
costs associated with rehabilitation, medical expenses may make this type
of treatment unattainable. If someone is believed to be responsible for
a brain injury affecting you or a family member’s quality of life,
then it is important to hold them accountable financially for your misfortune.

Source: The Dallas Morning News, “New UT-Dallas institute to be at forefront of training the brain,”
Anna Kuchment
, October 10, 2015