Botched Circumcision – When Negligence Is Involved

Circumcision has always been a common procedure in the United States. According to worldwide statistics, more than 50% of male children undergo circumcision. And these numbers are even higher in the U.S.

You might expect surgeons to perform circumcisions without complications. But sometimes things go wrong. Many families in the United States opt to get their sons circumcised and have no issues. But many wind up with complications or a botched circumcision. Such is the story of a family from Georgia (more on that later..)

Families who decide to circumcise their child often put their complete trust in the surgeon. It’s a fairly common procedure that takes place thousands of times a day. But mistakes and malpractice may lead to issues that can last a lifetime. If your child underwent a botched circumcision due to a medical provider’s negligence, it may be time to explore legal options. Although nothing can make it right, you may be due compensation. This can help relieve some or even all the financial burden you and your family may face. Contact our team of expert attorneys. We’re here to help families like yours who have suffered through medical malpractice. Send us a message today and keep reading to learn more.

Baby boy cries in pain.

A Story Of Neglect

In 2013, parents of a three week old baby boy took their son in for circumcision. The surgery did not go smoothly. The baby was left with a severed penis and sent home without any followup emergency surgery. This botched surgery brought upon a myriad of issues and a lawsuit. The boy may suffer emotional and physical trauma, chronic trauma, and issues urinating. Doctors are also unsure if the boy can ever have children in the future. The circumcision lawsuit resulted in a high payout due to an incompetent medical staff. The family’s attorney argued and emergency surgery could have helped. If the severed tissue was reattached, the child could avoid long-term health complications. Read the full story here.

What Causes A Botched Circumcision?

“Personal decisions about circumcision are influenced by information on the preventive health benefits, safety and risk of the procedures, as well as ethical, religious, cultural, familial, and economic considerations.”

-U.S. Department of Health And Human Services

Male circumcision is a practice followed globally, mainly due to religious reasons. Cultural and health factors also play a role. According to the CDC, circumcision is known to reduce infections. In several clinical trials, the rate of infection was substantially lower in circumcised men. Regardless of why a family chooses to circumcise their child, they expect an outcome without any issues. 

Unfortunately, botched circumcisions do occur. But why? How? How does a common procedure that takes a few minutes go awry? 

The reality is this. Generally, the hospital can avoid the majority of complications caused by a circumcision. The reasons for circumcision complications vary. But errors usually occur due to faulty medical equipment or practitioner negligence.

Common circumcision errors include:

  • Improper use of surgical tools
  • Using defective tools
  • Performing circumcision without parents’ consent
  • A doctor performing circumcision on the wrong child
  • Carrying out circumcision when an anomaly is present. This can make circumcision a dangerous procedure for the child
  • Improper aftercare
  • Inadequate supervision during surgery
  • Negligence during surgery, such as working under the influence

Injuries Associated With A Botched Circumcision

Sometimes errors occur during surgery. Oftentimes, if the error was not due to a doctor’s negligence, skilled providers can correct the issue. But malpractice during circumcision can cause injuries and complications that last a lifetime. 

The injuries that can result from a botched circumcision include:

  • Infection – of the penis or urinary tracts. This can result in further medical issues
  • Pain and inflammation associated with infection
  • Excessive bleeding at the site of operation
  • Excessive removal of foreskin resulting in damage/deformity of penis
  • Insufficient removal of foreskin leading to more surgeries
  • Meatal stenosis. A condition in which the urethral opening narrows. This results in pain during urination and sexual activity.
  • Male impotence
  • Necrosis of the penis – when penile tissue dies. This may result in a complete loss of the penis.
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Erectile dysfunction

When babies suffer from circumcision errors, they may face many health issues. Some babies may need to undergo multiple surgeries to correct the error(s). Others may develop infections. This could lead to a number of additional health complications. In rare cases, this can cause death (if the hospital fails to treat the infection). Some children may never recover from a botched circumcision as they’re left with the inability to have an erection. This can cause lifelong emotional and psychological trauma.

Do You Have A Case For A Circumcision Lawsuit?

It’s important to keep one thing in mind. Not all issues following a circumcision are a result of medical malpractice. To help you determine whether you can pursue legal action, there must be evidence of physician negligence. And that physical negligence must have caused harm.

Here’s an example: let’s say you learn the surgeon performing your child’s circumcision was under the influence. Of course that’s not okay and medical facilities shouldn’t tolerate this type of behavior. However, if your child’s procedure was performed without any issues and didn’t lead to complications, there’s no basis for a lawsuit. Now let’s look at it the other way. Say you notice something isn’t quite right after your child’s circumcision. Perhaps there is difficulty and pain associated with urination. You start asking questions. You learn the surgeon who performed the circumcision was intoxicated during the procedure. Had they not been, this injury would not be present. You now have grounds for filing a circumcision lawsuit.

When filing a lawsuit for medical malpractice, here’s what your case must show:

  1. The medical staff, including the surgeon and/or nurse, owed a duty of care to your child.
  2. The provider(s) failed to perform within the standard of care and breached their duty to the patient.
  3. This breach of duty caused direct harm to your child, leading to pain, injury, and/or other health issues.

It’s not always easy to prove your child’s injury was the result of negligence. Doctors and hospital facilities try their best to protect themselves from liability. Having a team of experts on your side makes all the difference. Having competent lawyers, who have experience in the medical malpractice field, fighting on your behalf is vital. They can be the reason a circumcision lawsuit (or any birth injury lawsuit) ends up being successful. 

Newborn baby boy laying on blanket.

Let An Expert Help You With A Potential Lawsuit

Health issues are not easy to talk about, let alone live with. Toss children into the mix and the situation becomes even more difficult. Unfortunately, negligent medical providers hurt many families in the US. An avoidable error could cause long-term issues. This could include psychological trauma for your child. And that can be devastating. 

Our team here at Hampton & King can help you go after the compensation you deserve. A circumcision lawsuit may not reverse the medical and emotional pain and suffering your child is facing. But it can help lessen your financial burden. We work hard to help recover the damages families have faced under negligence. 

Contact our team of dedicated members today to discuss your potential malpractice case.