Mother holds her newborn's feet in the palm of her hands.

Negligence Cause A Birth Defect? Consider Filing A Birth Defect Lawsuit

Expecting parents shouldn’t have to worry about filing a birth defect lawsuit… Pregnancy is often both the most exciting and nerve-racking time in many women’s lives. It’s the time parents think and dream of what will be. The fun stuff includes thinking whether the baby will have green eyes like mom or brown eyes like…
Breast cancer victim comforted by spouse.

Should You File A Breast Cancer Lawsuit?

Kim Johnson went out to dinner with her family to celebrate the letter she got in the mail earlier that day. What did the letter say? Her screening from the radiology lab showed “no evidence of cancer.” It was a weight lifted off her shoulders.  Kim’s mother died of breast cancer years earlier. It was…
Woman gets blood drawn.

Nerve Damage After Blood Draw: Can I Sue?

Can a blood draw cause nerve damage? Some people close their eyes and hold their breath. Others distract themselves by counting floor tiles. A brave few stare straight at the needle without wincing. What are we talking about here? Getting blood drawn. It’s a common and necessary medical procedure, and one that nearly everyone must…
The word bias spelled out in block letters.

Are You A Victim Of Medical Gaslighting?

Have you ever been to the doctor’s office only to be dismissed of your very real symptoms and pains? Ever heard “it’s all in your head”? Or “oh it’s just a minor headache,” when you’re certain it’s much, much more? It’s painful when your doctor doubts your issues. And what’s worse? Sometimes you start believing…
Woman upset that she missed opportunity to sue.

Medical Malpractice Statute Of Limitations: How Much Time Do I Have?

Imagine you’ve had surgery to have a benign abdominal tumor removed. After making an easy recovery,  follow-up appointments show that the surgery was a success. Soon you’re able to go back to work.  But two years later, you’re hit with excruciating pain – for no apparent reason. The feeling worsens as the days drag on.…
Little girl in hospital.

Failure To Diagnose Is A Form Of Medical Malpractice

Failure to diagnose may not seem like a big deal. But you’d be surprised… Imagine enjoying an afternoon hangout with your family in a foreign country when you suddenly just…collapse. That nagging headache you’ve been having for the past few days has now made you unresponsive. It’s not like you had been neglectful, either. In…