Doctor discusses medical consent with patient.

Lack Of Informed Consent – How Does It Lead To Medical Malpractice?

Before treatment, have you ever been sat down by your doctor while he explains to you the procedure and associated risks? It feels like a lot of box-ticking, right? It may also feel a bit daunting – you’re going in for a simple procedure and suddenly you’re warned of infection, paralysis – even death! This…
Baby with birth injury in NICU.

Choosing The Right Birth Injury Lawyer – Your Helpful Guide

In the United States alone, over 3.5 million babies are born each year. Most of these deliveries are completed without any complications and mom and baby are sent home without further assistance. However, some newborns don’t go home unscathed. And many of these injuries are preventable. This is why hiring a birth injury lawyer can…
Man mourns wife over coumadin accident.

When & Why To File A Coumadin Lawsuit

Loren Peters, an 85-year-old man, made headlines after he was admitted to the emergency room in 2013. His gums bled and his body was black and blue with bruising. The cause? An overdose of the widely-used blood thinner, Coumadin. Loren had been prescribed Coumadin in his nursing home due to his abnormal heart rhythm. Abnormal…
Man with lung cancer coughs.

Lung Cancer Misdiagnosis

Allergies. Just seasonal allergies. That’s why you have this chronic cough. There’s nothing to worry about. That’s what one doctor says. Allergies? No. I’m pretty sure you have gastric reflux. That’s what explains your persistent coughing. Says another. But who are you to believe? Gina Hollenbeck, a nurse, sought out answers herself. After lots of…
Woman who is victim of psychiatric malpractice.

Psychiatric Malpractice – Should I Sue?

Navigating the world of mental healthcare can be confusing. Unfortunately, for some it can lead to disastrous outcomes. Although most doctors have good intentions and DO help their patients, not every single one will. In some cases, doctors may even go so far as to harm those very patients. Psychiatric malpractice may not be as…
Woman experiencing pain grips her forehead.

Looking To File A Blood Thinner Lawsuit?

Imagine living with a condition that causes irregular heartbeats. You’re prescribed a medication that’s sure to prevent blood clots, stroke, and other heart-related complications. That medication, however, causes internal bleeding and results in death. Unfortunately it happens, and is reason for this post: to discuss the reasons and procedures for filing a blood thinner lawsuit.…