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When you think of medical malpractice, the first person you think of is most likely your nurse or doctor. And it makes sense. Their the face of the operation, after all. But what about pharmacists and pharmacy techs? 
Most pharmacists aren’t in secret laboratories counting pills or swirling “potions.” (Thanks Cartoon Network.) No, these days pharmacists are more accessible than ever. Each and every day, both doctors and patients rely on the knowledge and expertise of pharmacists. 
It’s no small task, as pharmacists have to be precise and calculated at all times.  Unfortunately pharmacy errors do occur and these mistakes can result in serious harm or even death. 

If you’re a victim of pharmacist malpractice keep reading to learn more.
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Pharmacist malpractice can stem from several different oversights. It’s possible a technician didn’t get enough sleep the night before and made a mistake. Or maybe they the pharmacist wasn’t diligent and missed a possible drug interaction? No matter the reason, someone needs to be held accountable. Here’s a list of the most common mishaps:

Skipping The Details

Did your pharmacist skim over the details too fast? This is one part of the job they can’t rush! At hospital pharmacies, doctors often receive counsel from pharmacists. Pharmacists even work as consultants at nursing homes and other centers. Attention matters because some medications don’t interact well with one another. 

Inability To Counsel Patients

Before you’re given medication pharmacists will often give counsel. Whether counsel is verbal or written, or both… you need proper instructions. Your prescription should come with a paper insert. This will include directions for taking your medicine and information about the drug. 

Filling The Wrong Prescription

Ever played the telephone game? You know, the one where you form a circle and whisper a message from one person to another? Sometimes that’s what happens at doctor’s offices and hospitals. Your doctor meant one thing but by the time it got to the pharmacist, it was lost in translation. You may receive either the wrong medication altogether or the wrong dose. Either way, it’s a major mishap! There’s also the possibility that the pharmacist tech grabbed the wrong medication. That happens too, unfortunately. 

Dispensing Defective Drugs

You might not realize it, but there’s frequent medication recalls. It’s your pharmacist’s job to remove any recalled medication from inventory. Otherwise, you may end up taking medication that’s contaminated or has a defect. Your condition may worsen or create new ailments when given bad medication.

Mix-ups With Patients Or Prescriptions

We all have our “off days,” but when you’re a doctor or pharmacist you have to take every precaution to avoid mistakes. And don’t forget about pharmacist technicians, they have to be careful too! Forgetting to pack your lunch is a lot different than giving a patient the wrong medication. In some scenarios pharmacists get patients mixed up or a medication has the wrong label and goes to the wrong patient. These are big issues! The aftereffects of a mistake like this can last a lifetime

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Consequences Of Pharmacist Mistakes

Complications because of a medication error can vary in severity. For some, the mistake may be a minor inconvenience. For others, it can impact their lives forever. Take for instance, the story of two-year old, Emily Jerry. This little girl bravely fought cancer and won. But during her final treatment disaster struck.
It turns out, the pharmacy technician had made a fatal error. Having swapped out the less than 1% sodium chloride solution, with 23.4% solution. A terrible and completely preventable death. To read more about the Emily Jerry Foundation, click here.
Medication errors and adverse drug reactions can cause any of the following issues:
► Cancer
► Birth defects
► Overdose
► Liver failure
► Tissue damage
► Allergic reactions
► Hypersensitivity reactions
► Kidney failure
You deserve the best quality care, from doctors to pharmacists and everyone in-between. No one should face a serious health condition or lose their life because of a preventable error.

What Can You Do? 

Adverse drug reactions are dangerous and sometimes even deadly. Pharmacists and their technicians must be meticulous, otherwise errors occur. If you or a loved one are the victim of a pharmacist’s mistakes, you may want to consider a lawsuit.
At very least, we recommend you get in touch with a medical malpractice law firm. A skilled lawyer will be able to answer all of your questions and let you know if they think you have a case. We know it may seem intimidating, but it’s the very first step in getting justice. And often times, because of a statute of limitations, time may be of the essence.
If you’d like to get in touch with our law firm, please don’t hesitate to contact us!