Why Hire a Firm with an MD and Ph.D Nurse On Staff

hire a firm with nurse on staffWhen a person sustains a serious injury due to the negligence of another party, they start to think about the next steps. One of the steps that you may take is finding a law firm to represent you and help you seek compensation for the damages you have sustained. Finding the right firm can be a bit of a challenge, but you should know what advantages you are offered with each firm.

One thing you may want to look for in a Houston birth injury or medical malpractice case is if the firm has any medical professionals on staff. These professionals can help in a number of ways. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a firm with an MD and Ph.D nurse on staff.

Having a Full-Time MD

When it comes to determining injury type, cause of injury, and securing the evidence necessary to help a case succeed, having a full-time MD on staff can be a difference maker. This gives the firm knowledge into the medical field that the opposition may not have, which means the victim can better understand their options, but also get the treatment they need.

Experience Finding Cause of Problems

An MD and nurse will understand the process from the moment a patient walks into a medical facility until they are discharged. This is the same if an expecting mother is set to give birth. The nurse knows the level of care these patients should receive. Anything less than that standard can cause serious harm to anyone being treated.

By having an MD on staff, we can also recognize any discrepancies in the care the patient was provided, determining if a certain action — or inaction — was the cause of the harm. They can help determine if there was a communication error, misdiagnosis, or any other issues.

Providing Evidence When Needed

In any kind of medical malpractice or birth injury case, it must be shown that the patient was in fact injured and it was the fault of the medical professional that caused the injury. Having medical professionals on staff means the firm has the knowledge of someone in the industry. This makes proving negligence and the existence of an injury much easier.

Our legal team at Hampton & King has the experience to help injury victims seek compensation when a doctor fails to protect them. Not only are our Houston medical malpractice and birth injury lawyers are dedicated to helping right the wrongs our clients have faced, but we also use the resources of an MD and Ph.D nurse to best position our clients’ cases. You can trust us to stand by your side at all times while advocating for the justice you deserve.

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