Not sure how to decide on a birth injury lawyer? Here are some tips.

I can only imagine the difficulties facing parents of a baby who has suffered a profound injury during labor and delivery. They are suddenly confronted with life-changing challenges, not the least of which is the cost of caring for such a child.

Perhaps they will consider retaining an attorney to investigate the possibility that their child was the victim of medical negligence. If they do, they will find that there a literally hundreds of lawyers willing to take their case.

They are willing, but are they able? Here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing a lawyer for a birth injury case.

Birth injury cases involve complicated medical issues so you should look for an attorney who understands the science. Look for a lawyer who has experience and an established track record of successfully handling birth injury cases.

Many lawyers advertise for birth injury cases only to refer the cases to other lawyers. Ask, up front, if he/she will associate other lawyers. If so, check the other lawyers out carefully.

Birth injury cases involve multiple medical specialties such as obstetrics, neonatology, neurology, neuroradiology and placental pathology, so your attorney needs to have access to experts in all of these fields. He or she should have the financial resources to risk a couple of hundred thousand dollars developing your child's case but not blink when the other side makes a low-ball offer.

Medical malpractice has become a very specialized practice due to "tort reform" measures passed by Texas Legislature so it is very important that you choose an attorney whose practice is focused on medical negligence cases, rather than someone who "specializes" in all aspects of personal injury litigation.

Finally, you should hire a lawyer you trust with your baby's future because that's what is at stake. We would consider it an honor to investigate your child's birth injury case. Give us a call.

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