A resource for parents, families reeling after a birth injury

What can a parent do when his or her child has suffered a traumatic birth injury? In Texas, there are legal resources to which a parent can turn when their son or daughter is facing medical challenges. Given the complexity and far-reaching effects of birth injuries, it can prove extremely beneficial to have a trusted advocate by your family's side during a difficult and confusing time.

Why might a family need a lawyer after a birth injury? Following a birth injury, a child's health can set off on an unpredictable path. Insufficient oxygen during birth, for instance, can cause brain damage or a condition such as cerebral palsy. In either case, the child may need long-term care in addition to immediate medical help after a birth injury. Some children may need to perform basic tasks most people take for granted, such as eating independently or even just sitting up, with assistance.

For families whose children have suffered a birth injury, the costs of such care can be tremendous. Medical expenses for things such as physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy can be staggering when considered in light of years or even decades of recovery. An experienced Houston medical malpractice attorney can help a parent or family obtain compensation for these medical expenses if their child was injured by a negligent doctor.

In a malpractice case, demonstrating doctor negligence can be as complex a task as evaluating the birth injury itself. Doctors must abide by the standards for their profession, but medical practices are constantly evolving and the extent of medical negligence may not always be clear. Moreover, physicians, as well as their employers, can be formidable opponents in the courtroom and rarely want to admit negligence occurred. At Hampton & King, the attorneys have achieved over half a century of experience; this combined experience can aid families unsure of how to confront a birth injury case hold negligent parties accountable.

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