Who can be sued when a newborn suffers brain injury?

Following a child's birth, friends and family will often ask if the baby was born healthy. Most of the time, Houston-area parents can confidently answer yes to this question. In some cases, though, babies are born via difficult deliveries and may suffer from various health problems as a result. Some issues may be minor, such as bruising that goes away on its own, or they may be more severe, such as brain injuries or other forms of trauma.

When these incidents occur, they can be extremely distressing for a family. Their newborn may have a disability, the medical expenses can start to build up and the parents may wonder what, if anything, they can do to help the situation and obtain compensation for damages. A Texas medical malpractice attorney can provide answers to a family wondering who they can hold accountable for a preventable medical error.

It's helpful to know that while doctors may be sued for medical malpractice, other individuals and entities can be held accountable as well. Others who work in the delivery room, such as nurses, can also be held accountable, as can anesthesiologists. Some hospital employees may be held accountable through a legal concept known as "respondeat superior." This means that an employer, such as a hospital, may be sued if certain employees act negligently and harm a patient. In brain injury cases, the harm caused by negligence can be tremendous - for instance, a baby who receives insufficient oxygen may suffer from long-term disability.

Consequently, it's very important for parents of extremely young brain injury victims to know their legal options. Hospitals themselves may be sued in some cases, and even pharmaceutical companies may be the defendant in some suits. In any case, parents may turn to an experienced brain injury attorney to learn if they have a case and what individuals or entities may be the defendants in a civil suit.

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