Texas woman sues over botched hysterectomy

There are many reasons why a Houston woman might need to get a hysterectomy. The procedure, which removes a woman's uterus, is sometimes necessary for those suffering from endometriosis, uterine fibroids, adenomyosis, uterine prolapse or certain types of cancer. After the surgery is performed, recovery generally takes about three to six weeks, and the patient can expect a variety of physical and emotional feelings after the procedure. One Texas woman, though, alleges that after her hysterectomy, she was left in a worsened condition and has since sued for malpractice.

In 2012, the plaintiff went in for a vaginal hysterectomy in Beaumont. However, right after her laparoscopic-assisted surgery, the woman claims she experienced horrendous pain; her nurses informed her that such pain was not common following the surgery. The woman continued to be in pain for several months before getting a CT scan. According to the principal surgeon on the woman's surgery, the scan showed that the retractor used in the hysterectomy had hit her pubic bone and caused osteititis and potentially an infection.

As with other pregnancy-related injuries, a botched hysterectomy can cause severe injury and long-term consequences. Osteititis is an inflammation of a patient's bone and can cause many different types of pain as well as difficulty walking. In this case, the female patient alleged that following her procedure, she was at times unable to walk. Her medical malpractice suit seeks damages in excess of $50,000, as well as the costs of the suit, to compensate for medical expenses, physical pain and impairment and mental anguish.

Whatever the reason for getting a hysterectomy, patients should be able to trust that their surgeon is competent and committed to following all applicable standards of patient care. If those standards are not followed or if a surgeon makes a reckless or negligent decision in the course of a surgery, a patient could be quite literally scarred for life. A woman affected by such negligence can seek assistance from an attorney experienced in matters affecting pregnancy and women's health.