Scales of justice on table at the front of courtroom.What happens when a patient goes to a medical professional and they end
up sustaining an injury due to negligence? What happens when a baby sustains
a serious injury because of the actions of the obstetrician? Unfortunately,
these are common events, but not everyone steps forward because they are
unsure of their options and don’t know what they can do to find
a remedy. So many of these people are qualified to take their case to
court and have a fighting chance, but they just don’t know it. Here’s
what you should know.

Determining If You Have a Chance

This is one of the most important things you should know because you need
to be sure you have a case. Determining you have a case usually comes
down to what the judge looks for, what evidence is available in your case,
what the defendant will do, and the circumstances that led to the injury.

Usually, a case is determined on what duty was owed to the patient, if
there was a breach in that duty, if the breach resulted in damages, if
the breach was a direct cause of the damages. Our firm has a full-time
medical staff so you can be sure we’ll determine if you have a fighting
chance before we move forward with your case.

Having a Lawyer Prove Your Case

One of the best things you can do to help give your case a fighting chance
is finding proven attorneys who know what it takes to prove negligence.
Medical malpractice and birth injury cases in Houston are often very complex,
requiring a long research process in order to find the necessary evidence.
Having a proven advocate on your side means you have someone who has done
it before and has helped others recover the compensation they deserve.

At Hampton & King, we put forth our best effort when representing injured
parties in
medical malpractice and
birth injury cases. We represent clients in Houston and throughout parts of Texas as
they work to hold negligent medical professionals accountable for their
negligence. We’re determined to help you next.

Call us today and request your free consultation.