Wrongful Death

Why the U.S. Is Such A Dangerous Place To Give Birth

This might surprise you, but our great nation isn’t so great at keeping mothers and infants safe while giving birth. Take a look at these facts: ► More than 50,000 U.S. women suffer injuries each year while bringing their children into the world.  ► Almost 700 die during or shortly after delivery. (US Centers for Disease…
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How To File A Claim Against The Military For Medical Malpractice

A few hours after becoming a father to a healthy baby girl, Walter Daniel became a widower. His 33-year-old wife, U.S. Navy Lt. Rebekah Daniel, bled to death at Naval Hospital Bremerton in Washington. She never had the chance to hold her precious daughter. How did a low-risk pregnancy involving a healthy young woman end…
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The Craziest Objects Left Inside People’s Bodies After Surgery

A sponge, gauze, scissors… Items that should be left on the surgical tray,  NOT  in your body. We get it, some people aren’t phased by the sight of blood and can even watch a surgical video without flinching. But if you’re like the majority of people, you look away. When going in for surgery you may…
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Wrongful Death Guide: Proof, Compensation, the Attorney & More

What No Family Should Experience Every day in the Houston area, children run and tumble on school playgrounds. Recess is a time for kids to be kids. Releasing their pent up energy, kicking around a ball or two, or maybe even playing make believe. Every once in a while though, things get out of hand…
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How to Differentiate Between Adverse Events and Malpractice

Undergoing any major medical procedure can be intimidating. There are inherent risks with some surgeries or treatments that doctors cannot eliminate. They will still recommend the procedures if they believe it is the only solution. Similarly, taking pharmaceutical drugs can also have side effects that are not pleasant. Many individuals believe that because they endured…

4 “Never Events” That Could Give Rise to Medical Malpractice Claims

When you walk into a hospital, you expect the physicians and doctors to be well trained and know the proper procedures. You place your trust in them, expecting them to know how to best care for your health. Doctors need to go through extensive schooling and training before they can help patients.