Brain Injuries

Woman Sues Doctors, Hospital Over Son’s Hypoxic Brain Injury

  Many expecting mothers in Texas are on some sort of prescription medication. The Centers for Disease Control note that about two-thirds of pregnant women take a prescription medication during their pregnancy. Doctors have a responsibility to ensure the medications they prescribe are appropriate for each patient, especially when it comes to pregnant women. For…

White House tackles brain injuries via recent summit

  In a sports-centric state like Texas, many individuals participate in some form of athletics, especially during their younger years. From football to cheerleading and everything in between, though, youth sports can put a developing athlete at risk of various brain injuries.

ER Visits for Brain Injuries Rise Rapidly

  Serious head injuries could be caused by many different factors, from car accidents to sports injuries. In Texas, where sports are a huge part of many residents’ everyday lives, medical matters involving concussions have also seen increased awareness of the dangers involved. Once thought to be a relatively normal part of playing sports, concussions…

Study sheds light on one factor in brain injury recuperation

  The value of an education holds different meanings for different people, but most people in the Houston area would likely agree that education is positive, enriching and beneficial. Interestingly, the findings of a recent study point to education being a factor in recovery from brain injuries.