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Mother's C-section scar.

Internal Bleeding After C-section: A Consequence of Malpractice?

Some blood loss after a Cesarean section is normal. But severe internal bleeding after C-section is not. This dangerous condition occurs in 1 to 5 in 100 women who give birth (March of Dimes).  What causes a woman to lose so much blood after a C-section? Could it be a doctor’s fault? Stay with us…
An ultrasound can show fetal distress signs, if present.

Fetal Distress Signs: A Warning You Can’t Ignore

Every mother hopes for a smooth pregnancy and delivery. But sometimes, unpreventable (or preventable) circumstances put mother and baby in for a bumpy ride. Fetal distress signs are the “red flags” that alert mothers and doctors that a baby’s in trouble. Catching and treating them on time can save a baby’s life.   What is Fetal…
A medical malpractice lawyer is knowledgable in medicine as well as law.

Choosing The Right Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Doctors, surgeons, nurses, radiologists – they’re who we turn to when we need healthcare. And whether you’ve researched the best doctor in town or go in for an emergency, you’re promised a certain standard of care. But what happens when your care provider doesn’t uphold their end and provide you with that standard of care?…
Birth complications can give babies an unfair chance at life

Most Common Birth Complications

Happy Birthday! Unfortunately, not all birthdays are happy. Namely, the birthdays of infants who suffer from birth complications. For parents, finding out something’s wrong during delivery can turn a day meant for celebration into a day of intense stress, or even sadness.  What are some of the most common birth complications? Keep reading to find…
The amount of money you’ll get for a malpractice case depends on many things, including your location.

Medical Malpractice Payouts By State

Did you know that where you live can affect the compensation you might receive for your malpractice suit? Check out the latest data for medical malpractice payouts by state below. Your state’s rank might surprise you!  What Factors Impact Medical Malpractice Payouts? Damages vary widely across malpractice lawsuits. There aren’t any specific amounts set, such…
A man adjusts to the loss of his companion.

What Is Loss Of Companionship In A Medical Malpractice Case?

Injuries from medical malpractice affect more than their victims. They affect the victim’s family, too. It’s especially difficult for spouses/partners. They must face the reality that their loved one will never be the same again. Damages for loss of companionship can’t make a malpractice victim whole. But they can give a devastated partner some measure…