Negligence leads to woman delivering baby without doctor, nurses

When you go to the hospital to delivery your baby, you expect your doctor and nurses to be there during the birth of your child. That is the whole point of delivery your baby in the hospital to make sure the labor and delivery go smoothly, and if an emergency arises, staff members will be there to address and take care of any emergencies to keep you and your baby safe.

This is why a recent hospital birth story is so shocking and disturbing. In Florida, a woman recently gave birth to her baby with the help of only her husband even though she was in the hospital waiting to deliver her baby. The woman told her doctor she was having contractions and she believed she was started to go into labor. However, her doctor had to leave her room to attend to an emergency Cesarean section for another patient. Instead of finding another doctor to help her with the delivery, the doctor and nurse both left, leaving the woman to go into labor with just her husband there to help.

The woman's labor was very short, and she ended up delivering her baby within a matter of minutes with the help of her husband. The nurses returned after the baby was delivered and cut the umbilical cord. The husband told reporters that after the doctor left, his wife told the nurse she had to deliver the baby now and couldn't wait any long. However, he claims the nurse told her to wait and left the room.

Fortunately for the couple, the woman and baby are both doing well. However, the outcome could have been disastrous since no nurses or doctors were present during the woman's delivery. The woman told the nurse she was going into labor and couldn't wait, but the nurse ignored her and left her alone with her husband.

If this case had resulted in a birth injury or complication to the mother, the hospital could have faced legal action for their negligence. What if the woman had excessive bleeding during the delivery? What if she had a stroke? What if the baby had fetal distress and she would have needed an emergency C-section? These are all questions that should be answered by the hospital to make sure something like this doesn't happen again.

Source: Sun Sentinel, "Dad delivers baby himself - inside a hospital room," Attiyya Anthony and Eric Roby, Feb. 26, 2014

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