Your Complete Birth Injury Guide


Baby's foot on a white towel, with a medical device attached to it.From the moment a mother finds out she is pregnant, it is important to
make sure proper monitoring is done and that the mother is completely
aware of the situation. There are a number of factors of which to be aware,
such as vital signs, heart rate, and glucose. The doctor must make sure
that the mother and baby are monitored or there may be an increased risk
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Risks of Gestational Diabetes


In some situations, no matter if diabetes was present before, pregnant
women who have high blood glucose can be diagnosed with gestational diabetes.
In 2014, the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed the occurrence of gestational diabetes. They found that between 2007 and
2010, gestational diabetes was present in 9.2% of pregnant women. This
condition begins as your body fails to make and use the necessary insulin
for pregnancy. The blood glucose remains high because there is not enough
insulin. This can be cause for numerous risks.
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Birth Injuries Caused by Forceps & Vacuum Extractors


A hand wearing blue surgical gloves holding forceps.If a mother struggles during delivery, the doctor may use certain tools
to help. Two of these tools are forceps and vacuum extractors. Forceps
are used to help assist the birthing process when the mother is unable
to push the baby out. The forceps are usually placed around the head of
the baby. The vacuum extractor is a soft or hard cup that may be placed
on the top and back of the baby’s head. It provides a suction that
can help assist to pull the baby out.
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Common Causes of Childbirth Injury

Newborn baby yawning, wrapped in a white blanket.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates an average of
4 million babies are born every year in the United States. Studies suggest
that 6 to 8 babies out of every 1,000 will suffer from birth injuries
in the nation. This means that 1 in 9,714 Americans are born with a birth
injury, more than 24,000 per year. To better understand the injuries,
it is important to know how a baby can sustain the damage.
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